well, thats cute. 

making my bed. (she loves doing it)

trudy zoo dates. 


my gardener. 

my minnie. 

good job, beautiful skies. 

turns out the spiced pie mixture is delicious on it’s own. raw, not baked, no crust. tasty. 

organizing days. 

I’m great at selfies. just kidding. 

got my visa for india! (a while ago) 

ridiculous days.

spanish bingo (eeBoo toys), buddha pants, sunshine. 

this adorable cutie and a photo bomber. her dress was deigned by my incredibly talented pay, brandy. you can buy it here


  1. lovely things! i wonder – how was getting a visa for india? was it difficult? tedious? stressful? i got a visa for brasil last year and let me tell you, one of the most stressful things i've ever done. and i'm an event planner and can usually handle stress!

    • Above the Clouds helped me, so it was super easy for me. But really it's just like any other government paperwork– not fun, but something required 🙂

  2. Ah, now I know how you water those high up plants in your living room. Lovely to see your garden in winter. I'm intrigued as to whether your planting schedule is the same as in more northerly areas. Enjoy the rest of the week. CJ xx

  3. As always, love the photos.

    She loves making your bed? Lets hope that continues as she grows!

    • Honestly– its ridiculous, but her and Alex fight over it. He's too much of a perfectionist to let her. I of course let her, and tell myself I'm working on my own perfectionism, by keeping it as she does it. Grateful she does like it for now 🙂

  4. I just love your pictures. The colors are just so vibrant and you just have a way of telling so many words in one photo. Keep it up, because I love these simple posts.

    Heather Gendron

  5. Love, love, love it! Does it ever get too cold for an outdoor garden in south Florida or is it warm enough year-round??
    Also, I can't wait to read about your adventures in India. You always seem to find the most colorful pictures and it's going to be truly spectacular 🙂
    ~ Samantha