So, if it’s alright with you guys, I’ll probably wish you all a happy new year at least until the very end of the month— which crazy enough, we’re already half way too. I’m pretty excited to be teaming up with Plum Vida this new year. In general, besides my huge (guilty pleasure) love for french fries and bbq chips, I eat really healthy– but I think you guys know that?  So, Plum Organics came out with this new line, Plum Vida— especially geared to us busy adults. At first I was like, wait, what? Isn’t that for toddlers? Errr…. umm... But then actually looking it over and thinking about it, I was like, no, this is absolutely a great idea— anytime we can replace the forever guilty bag or potato chips or chemical filled fast food experience with an organic, really healthy option? Well, thats a great, great thing. Ya know? I mean, guilty pleasures are guilty pleasures for a reason, I do love them, but for the everyday quick grab and go? Junk is not the solution to longer happy living. It’s about taking little steps, every single day. And this new snack step, well, it’s super easy, and a great option to snacking on the go. What I also liked was that unlike juice or fruit, this travels, really well. And yes, they are completely organic and free of additives! I’ve been adding an extra pouch for me and a toddler version for Marlowe in my bag everyday– just in case. And coming back from traveling last week? Well, it was just super convenient! You can pick them up in the juice isle of target 😉 
With Plum Vida’s Refresh, they’ve asked us to refresh an extra aspect in our life this New Year. Further showing how easily refreshing little things, can make big changes in your mood, health, and life. I debated a while about what I could realistically do to make positive changes this year— work out? I already started yoga a few months ago (it’s amazing). Wake up early? Realistically, it won’t happen. Drink more water? That would totally help. But really— I wanted to make a promise to myself and to Marlowe that we would get outside more. Take a walk or just run around in the sun every single day— okay, maybe not when it’s monsoon-ing, haha, but otherwise, I just wanted to get outside and do fun things in the sunshine everyday with the kiddo. A small thing, pretty do-able, but yes, sometimes a surprisingly difficult task for us. I know, we live in Florida— it shouldn’t be that hard to do it, but sometimes it just is! We’ve been cooped up all last year– and spent an embarrassing amount of time at home. I mean, we love our home, we really do, but this year I’m really hoping to refresh each day by getting out– and really, I’m pleased Plum Vida asked us to join, because to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have made the promise otherwise 😉

(Plum Vida for me— and the original, organic and loved Plum Organics for her! My favorite, hands down is the cherry, berry, beet, ginger)

So far it seems like a pretty fun and doable “task”— I’m looking forward to see how it goes now that we’re back home from vacation. I’m truly going to try, each day to move forward in little steps. And I definitely hope you guys join in this new year! What would you refresh? I’ll be posting in the next week or two with an update– and if we kept up and how we felt/feel 🙂

Also, Plum Organics wants to give out a plum vida keep cool tote and a set of Plum Vida packets to a lucky ohdeardrea reader!

To enter:
simply comment below, telling us what you’re trying to refresh this new year!

For an additional entry: visit Plum Vida and leave an additional comment telling us which flavor you’re most excited to try!

I’ll announce the winner next week!

Hooray for healthy snacking!

*this post was sponsored by Plum Vida


  1. Hm it's a bit hard to choose between Cherry Berry Beet Ginger and Pear Kale Spinach Celery… but if there's absolutely only one option to be chosen, I suppose it would be Cherry Berry Beet Ginger – one more kind of fruit than the other :p I'm not too weird, am I?

  2. To live more in the more present with my son. 🙂 The dishes and laundry can wait!

  3. Absolutely to be outside more, regardless of the weather. I do great in warmer climates but I'm pushing over the hump when it's cold and I just want to stay in and nap.

  4. This year in trying to do a short yoga practice (10-15 mins) in the morning and night at least 5 days a week. I feel sooo good when I do it and I want to keep that up!!

  5. These flavors sound so good, I had no idea someone was making fruit pouches for adults, what an awesome idea!

  6. I want to refresh my healthy eating this year. I just moved back to Florida and as soon as that happened my good eating habits dropped. I too have a french fry guilty pleasure but I'd love to eat more veggies and fruits and less artificial foods! Not to mention more water drinking.

  7. I'm excited to try the pear, kale, spinach, and celery flavor! Some of my favorite foods.

  8. I want to refresh my running routine. Less stress about mileage and time, and more focus on enjoying my health, nature, and my doggy running partner!

  9. I need to hit the refresh button on my exercise routine. I tried a Jillian Michaels video with my friend, and it's a great workout slash really difficult but good alternative to my regular yoga routine, which if I'm honest, is pretty easy, so I don't really gain from it

  10. The pear-kale-spinach-celery jumped out at me RIGHT AWAY. I bet they made it taste delicious and green. Also seems like a good way to get more veg– yes please.

  11. I've refreshed my will to be more active this year! Currently going strong with practicing yoga 3 times a week (that's up from zero times a week for the last three months!)

  12. Also, I am interested in finding out what this cherry, berry, beet, ginger is all about – sounds delicious!

  13. I'd love to stay more on top of my eating habits and be better at meal planning. Like you, I generally eat healthy, but the holidays and travel have made it a bit difficult these passed few weeks.

  14. I'd like to refresh the way our family spends money and start a family budget to keep us disciplined and aware of where we are spending our money.

  15. & i'll take all of the pineapple carrot mint packs. like wow about to have those everywhere. thank you drea!

  16. i'm trying to refresh my mind this year, stay more focused on the important things [family, health & thriving business]

  17. Also, the two flavors I'm most interested in trying are the Pear Kale Spinach Celery and the Cherry Berry Ginger (I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and am OBSESSED with berries. We just bought a whole thing of raspberries and strawberries on Saturday and it's only Tuesday and we're out…).

  18. This year I'm trying to refresh my priorities. There were so many things that got put on the back burner last year that should have been the center of my attention. My main priority is refreshing my relationship with my husband. Not that he was never a priority or anything but I love him so much and I didn't show him as often as I should have. I could have done better.

  19. This year I'm wanting to refresh my life in a more minimalistic way. I'm going to try to develop a capsule wardrobe and declutter my life more to prepare for my first major move in the next few years!

  20. I am going to refresh my body by working out at least 3 times per week, practicing yoga on days that I am too sore to go to the gym!

  21. My refresh this year is more meal planning for my family for the week and also healthier snack options.

  22. My refresh is to make and complete a 37 before 36 list. I have started lists once or twice after my birthday and never really went back to it. I also have made myself put things on there that are mostly realistic and a few big ones.

  23. I'm finally marrying my fiancée of almost 11 years this june! So my refresh is to spend a little family time together with our 9 year old son every single day, even if it's only 10 minutes just a little bit of family time.

  24. refresh the snacks i bring to work- aka start bringing more produce. i've done OK since i gave birth & am nursing… but always room for more vit&min!

  25. My family just bought our home lady August. The inside of our house was first priority to get in order. Now that that's pretty well accomplished my goal this year is to focus on refreshing our yard and starting a garden. Perfect for spending lots of time outside in sunny Southern California.

  26. I most want to make all of my virtual pinned recipe dreams come true by REFRESHING my recipe repertoire. I'm going to make all of the recipes I've collected over the years and see which ones I like after all!

  27. Definitely trying to refresh a lot of things this year. Most importantly our budget and our eating habits, though. We aren't terrible, but I know we could do so much better.

  28. This is not an entry, but just a comment. I love your blog and your commitment to the environment, especially with omitting single-use products from your home like paper towels. I've always steered away from these packets because of that reason. They are not recyclable and they are single-use items. Making your own snacks is much better for your pocket and for the environment. Please don't be offended — just a thought!

    • Not offended! I had no idea they weren't recyclable, good to know! For me, I'm just hoping to get people away from mc donalds

    • hmmm there was more to that comment that isn't popping up. Basically I just wanted to insert a *teeth grinding emoji* 😐

  29. This year I'm planning to refresh the way my family eats, so these sound perfect for me! My kids eat pretty well and healthy but as a working outside of the house mom, I definitely fall pray to just grabbing whatever is easy – which doesn't always mean healthy.

  30. new year, new attitude! refresh with positivity and overall wellness (body + mind + soul)!

  31. I am going to work on my patience levels (esp with my difficult toddler), get more rest, eat better, get back into running, and stick to my budget this year!

  32. I'm trying to refresh my work life! Trying to get more work commissions and being proactive about making it happen!

  33. I'm refreshing my "career" if you can call it that, basically by building up my savings so I can quit these awful paperwork office jobs and pursue my passion of writing books and actually using my noggin in my everyday life!

  34. We're refreshing the organization, decor and cleanliness of each room in the house, one room at a time! It's to prepare for our first baby in June, so that once he/she comes, we won't be also worrying about the state of our house and the dissatisfaction we have with how it looks.

  35. The pineapple carrot mint flavor sounds intriguing!


  36. I'm trying to refresh my fitness routine! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  37. I'm trying to refresh my outlook on life. I need to give myself more grace and do more to just enjoy my little life.

  38. I'm refreshing my life this year by trying to eat clean, as well as, cleaning up my beauty products to rid them of chemicals.

  39. I am always trying to find new things to snack on while at work and sometimes, when I'm all groggy in the morning, I tend to take the lazy way out and grab something that is not the healthiest. This would make that process so much easier for me!

    Out of the three options on their website, I think I would enjoy the Cherry Berry Beet Ginger flavor the best. Can't wait to try it!

  40. Adorable photos of you and Marlowe <3
    I also live in Florida and I agree when you say that it is hard sometimes to take the children out although is pretty sunny. I also spent the majority of last year indoors. I tried incorporating as much outdoor time as I could. So my refresh for the new year is also to do more outdoorsy activities. More beach time, more park, and more adventures.

    I visited the Plum site and I'm a tropical kind of girl. I think I'll really love the pineapple carrot mint.

    <3 Elizabeth

  41. I'm trying to refresh the way we take care of ourselves through essential oils! I would love to try these too!

  42. im trying to refresh my wardrobe! geez i have some old clothe s- i need to move on! dtdady at gmail dot com

  43. I'm refreshing the way I prioritize – the past two years, it's been work, work, school, work…and I rarely made time to take trip home and visit my family or go out and share time with friends. This year I want to put my family and friends in front of everything – even in front of picking up hours at work. Obviously I still need a job to pay for things but I'm not going to let it take the place of more important things 🙂

    I would LOVE to try the cherry, berry, beet, ginger one – it sounds so deliciously fruity! As a Target employee I've seen these come through the checkout so many times but have yet to try them 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  44. I'm trying to refresh my daily routine, as I work from home most days and can get caught up doing so many other little things other than what I set out for the day. So far its been great! Love this post and love love love your blog : )

  45. Pineapple, Carrot and Mint! Could my favorite things be so delicious together!?

  46. I love this idea of healthy "fast" snacking! I travel a TON for work and admit to eat way more junk than I would like to to. I would love to replace that junk with Plum Vida!

  47. I'm trying to be more active this year to refresh. I have a heart condition that makes exercising hard but I want to try to do just 5 squats here and there through out the day and walk more. Little things often that will eventually help strengthen my heart.

  48. I'm hoping to de-clutter my house this year and refresh my space by getting rid of all the extra junk. As a funny side note, I have been eating these for years (but the baby version). I had no Idea that they had some flavors and bigger sizes geared towards adults. It was especially funny when I sent a gerber one with my husband in his work lunch. He was like, "I like the baby food, but don't send one with a baby face to work with me, the guys are gonna laugh."

  49. The cherry berry beet ginger looks so good. I'm pregnant and this seems like the best way to keep on top of healthy eating especially when the weird cravings hit (and they have!).

  50. Im trying to refresh my exercise routine. Im really good at starting it, but i want to commit to sticking to a routine that makes me stronger and healthier, and actually seeing it through.

  51. I would like to refresh my snacks for this year, I ate a lot of unhealthy, processed food in 2014 and I just want to purge out into a healthy, clean eating routine. I would love to try Cherry Berry Beet Ginger. That sounds delicious.

  52. i'm trying to refresh my outlook. i had a tough year and i spent most of it attempting to cope and lost sight of how wonderful life can be. this year is about appreciating every moment and searching for more meaning.

  53. I'm gonna try hot yoga this year 🙂 and hopefully start eating better! which means no more soda *sobbing* lol

  54. The pear kale spinach celery sounds delish! I'm going to have to run to target after work tomorrow ????

  55. I'm trying to refresh my attitude towards my body & food. I'm trying to make both more positive relationships!

  56. I'm trying to refresh my attitude towards my body. I had my first baby earlier this year and I'm learning to embrace my curves and tummy which gave us our little girl!

    • I've had toilet seat thighs my whole life— honestly, I do feel like they're getting better from yoga, but it took me about 28 years to be like, *yup, hi thighs!*

  57. I am going to work on relationships and getting back into running again.

  58. Actually, eating more vegetables. I love and eat plenty of fruit, but I need more veggies in my life.

  59. I've been doing yoga/pilates/cardio everyday for the past few weeks and i feel so much better. i hope to keep getting better with longer workouts. that cherry berry one looks great!

  60. Im trying to refresh healthy eating this year! Was doing well, but its so easy to slip out of it when you don't have much money, need to get better at planning!
    Also, cherry beet ginger sounds amazing!
    Not sure if this is open to international but if so I'd love to enter if so!?!

  61. We took one flavor of each to Disneyland in October with us. The Pineapple-Carrot-Mint was my fave! I need to retry to Cherry Berry Beet Ginger. I think it'd taste way better chilled than sitting in my back in the California sun.

  62. Simplify, simplify, simplify… That's definitely my word for the year! Also I want to find a job that I love. (wish me luck!) Doing something you love as opposed to something you hate… well that's just refreshing in itself!!!

  63. I just started my Disney College Program at Walt Disney World and I want to refresh my shy-ness. I am very shy and quiet when I first meet new people so I want to try and be outgoing and talkative as I start this new and exciting adventure in my life and meet new people from all around the world! That is what I want to refresh this year and especially here in Disney for the next five months!

  64. I feel like I'm refreshing my whole life this year… new house, new job, new new new! But I suppose that what I want to really refresh is the way I take care of my home. I want to be a better homemaker, whether that's cooking or cleaning or organizing or decorating a little bit every day. That way we are surrounded by beautiful things every day, like you are!

  65. I'm trying to get outside more, including remodeling our backyard to make it more enjoyable!

  66. Pineapple carrot mint sounds so delicious right now, in the middle of winter. I'd love to try it, and I'll share with my little one!

  67. I never would of thought of trying these – but I agree that when I'm starving and just about to commute home, that's when I reach for junk because that's all that's available. I'm hoping to refresh my mental health and to quiet self-doubt and take action.

  68. This sounds so yummy! I'm definitely ready to refresh…starting with cooking meals at home a lot more! 😉

  69. This year, I'm going to eat healthier (I'm on the way, but not there yet) and get more exercise. I've got to plan it better because I've got a lot of work for school. I would love to try the 'Pineapple Carrot Mint'-one! Bye! xx Silke