Almost one month in this new year! Crazy crazy! I’ve made some goals and mentioned them on this thing– and I’ve also made some goals offline— hopeful goals, like maybe learning how to ride a bike or being strong (and not scared) enough to do a handstand— but we’ll see. But as you guys may remember from my refresh post with Plum Vida not too long ago, I really just want to make a small effort to get outside more! A few steps or activities, every single day.As I mentioned last week (two weeks ago now?!) Plum Vida is trying to refresh the way we think about snacking— especially on the go. I think a lot of us are already accustomed to seeing the toddler squishy packs in our food isles, but this is really the first time these healthy snack pouches have been geared towards adults. When we’re super busy, I feel like we either grab for the junk or skip meals completely– neither of which is beneficial to our gut and our lives. But now, with these snack options (And ones for Marlowe too) we’ve had even less excuses to 1. not get out of house for the whole day 2. grab for junk. Organic, healthy, easy, hooray!

So how did we do with getting outside everyday? Well, I’ll be honest, I felt a bit more pressure to get outside than I probably would have just because I wrote about it here, haha! But honestly, that was probably a good thing! It can definitely be beneficial to put your goals out there and are forced to be held accountable.

I’ll be completely honest here, I was sort of in a funk after our trip. I felt like I came home and was in an icky rut. But a few forced days of getting outside (and getting back on to the yoga train helped too, I’m sure) — well, about half a week in, and I felt great again. Really. I mean, one day we only managed to get as far as the front porch, but hey, we were outside! Your life can really only be as good as you help make it– taking care of your body and your mindset is everythingggggg. So we did good. I did good. Every single day, some days forced, some days not, we pushed ourselves to spend more time outside. Some days were harder (damn cold rain) and some days were easy (thank you florida sunshine!).

It maybe sounds silly, but this Plum Vida campaign helped reinforce the reality that sometimes you just gotta get up and do something, even if it doesn’t come as second nature—like grabbing a healthy snack instead of a junky one for instance. Any step to make yourself and your life a little bit better. Any little step. Sometimes it’s difficult to rework your own norm or mindset (trust me, I know very well), but it’s worth the extra steps—in this case, even the literal physical steps 😉

So we did it. We’re one month into the new year. I’ve kept up with yoga every other day. I’m eating pretty good (usually)— I’m definitely snacking better— no french fries at all*!! I’m actually sleeping better too. And I’m just putting an effort into everyday. It feels good.

So how have you guys done this new year? You guys left some awesome refresh ideas/comments. Seriously– I stole some of the ideas for own goals 🙂 SO! Are you getting by? Fighting it out? Thriving and climbing? Are you tackling your goals and refreshing your 2015? Or at least taking steps to try? Because that’s key!

And the winner of the giveaway? Janelle @ Two Cups Of Happy! Email me to claim your (delicious) prize 🙂

Thanks for playing along, guys! As always, thanks for supporting this blog and our sponsors 🙂 You can visit Plum Vida for more information or purchase at Target 🙂

*between the draft right up and the post date– I caved, I ate french fries too– but that was paired with lunch— doesn’t count, right? 🙂
*this post was sponsored by Plum Vida


  1. My adult child-less self has been eating those organic fruit/veg toddler squish packs ever since they came on the market, targeted consumers be damned 🙂

  2. I feel like this is the first year in my adult life where I don't feel like a lame-o at the end of January for not sticking with my goals. This year has (so far) been full of hikes and walking dates and house projects– and I love it! Self care is so worth that extra effort!

  3. Lovely photos, and I'm glad you feeling so positive and energised. I always sleep better when I'm being healthier, eating better and getting out more too. In fact everything is better, my mood, my energy, everything. CJ xx

  4. It's really amazing how stepping foot outside can change the course of a day. I find myself getting in ruts when I'm holed up in my home. Just a little bit of sunshine can brighten a mood instantly 🙂 Also, those snacks look great! Snacking is such a challenge for so many people. Having these pouches handy in a purse would definitely be a healthy option! Thanks for sharing ♥♥♥

    Circus & Bloom

  5. Love your stuff, apologies for the "off-topicness" of this question, but what is this fabulous toy that Marlowe has and where did you find it??