Acai bowls are just one of those things that come in and out of being cool, aren’t they? At least it feels that way to me. No matter how cool or un-cool they may be though— they’re freaking delicious. My biggest issue I face with acai bowls is that they pretty much ALWAYS have bananas! Yuck. (Yes, I hate bananas for those of you who don’t know. I wont even sit near someone eating one. Marlowe forcibly is literally sitting 8 feet away from me right now because she’s eating one). Anyway…My friend Kaylyn is an acai junky– she’s sort of a pro at making the most beautiful bowls of them!  And lucky me, she was more than happy to put together a banana-free one for us to scarf down. Really, you can add a banana to this– and it would still be good (for those of you who enjoy bananas), or you can even sub out avocado for the banana (which is pretty much what I do for every single smoothie I make) or of course: you can follow the recipe as is—

Not sure what to put on top? We have you covered for that too. Really “anything” is the answer— but you can check out a list of our favorites below 🙂

And you can see more of Kaylyn’s beautiful creations on her instagram @simplykaylyn_ 🙂

2 packets of frozen acai (found in most grocers, if not then try your local health food shop)
1/4 cup coconut water
a handful of spinach (about a 1/4 to a half cup tightly packed)

how to: 
-in high-speed blender, puree spinach and coconut water until spinach is completely mixed
-add frozen acai packets and gently pulse until all chucks are gone. Be careful not to over-pulse or puree too long because it will melt and be all soupy!
-add toppings!

on top:
anything! almost! toppings should be based on two things: what you like best and whats in season! we’ve added a bit of everything to ours— because well, we like it that way! It’s super colorful, healthy, and delicious!

chia seeds: we always have this on hand in the house– for things like this and for chia bowls.
starfruit: let’s be honest: mostly because it’s pretty, but also because we’re lucky enough to have a tree.
goji berries: they add a bit of chewy texture and are really good for you with protein, vitamin A &C.
blueberries: yum
hemp hearts: we don’t really keep these in our house, but we do love them. this is a staple for Kaylyn 🙂 they are filled with protein and omegas.
granola: always, for crunch.
kiwi: again: yum
pomegranate: the texture and touch of tangy juiciness is great!
we also added mango below the bowl for a treat– because you guys know we’re pretty much obsessed with all things mangoes 🙂 see: how to cut a mango

So what would you put on top? Or better yet: would you want bananas? haha. Make this on a rainy day, close your eyes, and pretend you’re eating this in south florida with us 🙂 Happy healthy snacking/breakfasting!

recipe and styling: Kaylyn Durrance photos/editing and text: ohdeardrea


  1. Oooh, yum! Thank you so much for these instructions, ingredients, and photos. I recently discovered a cafe that sells acai bowls for breakfast in the mornings and have fallen in love with them. Now that I can see how to make them on my own, I'll save tons of moola. However, I will add banana. Haha 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  2. Have you ever been able to make a yummy acai bowl with the freeze-dried acai powder? I always have that on hand for smoothies, but my bowls are always epic fails with the powder 🙁

  3. Wow, this looks so yummy! I too, am a banana hater. I've heard a lot about acai bowls but there is nowhere to get one in my town. Now I can try to make one myself. Thanks!

  4. Delicious just as it is, I'm not a huge fan of bananas either, no matter how much people tell me they're the perfect snack food. I would definitely close my eyes and imagine I was in south Florida too. CJ xx