So I’m sure a lot of you guys know this by now, but I used to manage a health food store way back when. Juices, vitamins, cleanses, homeopathic goods— you guys can image the place I’m sure (they’re all similar, aren’t they?!). At this point in time, I began to learn a bit more about all the homeopathic options out there. I was already vegan, and mostly healthy, but I never gave much of a second thought to the homeopathic options of the world until this point. I remember pretty clearly the customers coming in– and singing many, many praises about Hyland’s— which, admittedly, may have been the start in my research on these homeopathic options. 
Years and years later, when Marlowe started teething (again, forever ago), it was no question that I would give Hylands a try 🙂 I had already been a big fan for myself and was then able to give some extra natural relief to the kiddo as well. Hyland’s is completely benzocaine and paraben free and contains no artificial colors or dyes— A win all around! We obviously have no teething babies around here (with the exception of my favorite niece, baby Trudy), but nonetheless, I’m excited to team up with Hyland’s to share a bit on this brand we used ourselves and to offer you guys the chance to win some pretty great prizes for your own home 🙂
Want to win a bunch of amazing Hyland’s products? Here’s how:
You’ve got to find Hylee— the baby tooth fairy 😉 Hylee is hiding Hyland’s social media pages and website! Starting Monday the 23rd (9AM EST), check the Hyland’s social media pages (Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagram), find Hylee, and let Hyland’s know where you found her!
So how do you tell Hyland’s you’ve found Hylee? 
Simply click THIS LINK daily (starting at 9am EST) and tell us where you’ve found her hiding that day! There you’ll find a questionnaire to answer (or a few hints to help you find her if you haven’t).  Every single time, you’re entered for a chance to win 1 of 500 Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets! Easy, right? 
Keep up with Hyland’s to be sure you don’t miss out:
That’s not all! 
Be sure to keep up with my instagram this weekend (I mean, you guys always do anyway, right? nudge nudge. hint hint), because I’ll be sharing my own Hylee picture for you guys to enter to win an additional Hyland’s baby gift pack with a bunch of homeopathic products for your kiddos! Simply comment on my instagram photo with the #findhylee hashtag to enter 🙂
TADA! An easy and fun way to win a bunch of natural products for your kiddos and home 🙂 Have a great weekend, friends. Find that tooth fairy 😉 


  1. We used their child's allergy relief it was a godsend, worked better then all the claritin chemical crap. We also started taking Juice Plus+ which almost eliminated the need for any allergy meds! Go Hylands.

  2. I love Hylands teething tablets! My daughter knows them as "teething candies", and darts to the cabinet they're kept in the second I mention them : )