Hey guys! I’m off to india tomorrow! I’ve got a fair amount of emotions going through me— ups and downs and fears and joys– but lately, well, it’s been mostly a lot of upcoming plane anxiety! I  actually found out today, the plane is a two decker! I’ve made an uncountable number of trips in my lifetime, but I’ve got to say, a plane with stairs is a first for me! Everything is all packed— with the exception of this computer, and a few peanut butter sandwiches I plan to make in the morning— I figure, they’re pretty easy to carry, easy on the stomach, and filling enough to last me until I make it there— at which point I’ll either crash into a drowsy delirious sleep or be so high on emotions and anxiety that I proclaim, food and party now! Though, I believe I’m arriving at 3 am india time? To be completely honest, I don’t even know what time I’m supposed to arrive though. Ooof. All I know is I’m ready for bed— and that I’m going to breathe these emotions in and out until I make it there, because that’s all I can do!
As mentioned, this blog will still be updated daily. I’ve got some good posts lined up for you— all sitting there, pretty, ready to go 😉 Of course I wont know what my internet situation is truly like until I’m there, but I do hope to be posting a bit of my realtime travel photos— and thoughts along the way 🙂 And of course, always posting all the colorful tidbits on instagram too 🙂
To the ladies joining me on this trip— I’m excited to set everything up before you arrive and of course, I can’t wait to see you all there!
I hope you’re all having a great start to your week! Kindly send warm, floating, loving thoughts of an easy journey my way 😉 Happy tuesday!
photo source: elise hanna.


  1. You'll love it! I'm so jealous!! And the bigger the plane, the smoother the journey.

  2. So exciting! Have a wonderful time! I bet it will be such a fabulous experience 🙂

  3. How exciting Drea, I hope you have a safe journey and that you have a really fantastic time. CJ xx

  4. Have an enjoyable flight, Drea and the time of your life once landed.
    I wish I could be just as anxious as you are at the moment lol but I hope to go on adventure with you next time or the more convenient time. Lots of hugs to you and the girls. Enjoy and come back safely xx

  5. Please don't take your peanut butter sandwiches on board as there maybe people with peanut allergies on the plane.