paint &wine time. 

hey garden guy, I like you. 


good easy days. 

natural late night fruit gradient finds. 

little girls. 

her paint and wine time— you know, minus the wine. 

we made the biggest salad. how cool are these salad hands? obsessed. Are they called ‘hands’? whatever they are, they’re from here

you smore’ are delicious (and the lady is adorable) 

my mom requested more pictures of jerry. here you go, mom. he’s old but happy. 

a day date of exploring. 

where we ended up playing checkers and I wooped his butt. 

these guys. hey guys! — I ended up snipping and cleaning up a bunch of them– trying to grow new baby ones 🙂 You can learn how to do that here: how to propagate succulents


  1. Those succulents are beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb.
    I'm also loving the paint & wine mommy & daughter time!!
    ♥️ Elizabeth

  2. Your succulents are looking gorgeous Drea, how lovely to be able to grow them outside all year round. The picture of you and dear little Jerry is brilliant. One to treasure. Love the pink umbrella photo as well, I think secrets are being whispered under there. The salad hands are great, they look a bit like feet to me. It's so nice to have wood to serve raw food with though isn't it. Enjoy the rest of the week Drea, and great job with those plants. CJ xx