these pretty things again

they look good with these pretty things

this pretty thing photobombed by two dogs. 

lazy snuggle sessions. 

texts from my mom. sorry massachusetts. 

marlowe asks to vacuum for the first time ever. super exciting, obviously. 

this night was ridiculous— in a good way.

so much love for this photo. and giant pom moms! (bedding and moroccan wedding pillow

late night kid picnics. 

hung up some art from our new orleans trip (finally!) 

plantain toast forever. 

clean up.

snuggle bunny. 


  1. A lovely selection of photos, I love Jerry in his(?) basket next to the giant pompoms. And the photo of Marlowe in her hoody, she suddenly looks a little more grown up. And of course I'm always happy to see dear little Waylon, he's looking quite big these days as well. CJ xx