those summer rolls again….

one of Marlowe’s absolute favorite things is salad with carrot ginger dressing. We made it at home with garden greens and homemade croutons– not traditional, but whatever. It was a hit. Remind me to post a recipe. 

Then I took the leftover dressing and used it as a base (and inspiration) for a coconut curry carrot soup with noodles and tofu and veggies. It would have been a good leftovers post

mango oatmeal pudding with warm tea, milk and honey.

Alex made channa masala with rice. 

emily made us chicken noodle soup… you know, minus the chicken. We gave her mac and cheese in exchange. 

cauliflower mashed potatoes, black beans, chickpeas cooked with kale. aka a mishmash

nachos with cashew cheese, blackbeans, guac, and salsa. She doesn’t eat salsa.

veggie pad thai. to be in book.

veggie paella. to also be in book.

pancakes and what it looks like when I take food photos 😉

I hope everyone is having an amazing week! I’ll be back soon to announce a fun giveaway 🙂 Have a great day! 


  1. Yum!! Can you post more recipes, or just ingredients used in recipes?? I'd love to recreate some of your simple/easy-looking meals. I know you are working on a cookbook (that I CAN'T WAIT for) but could you tide us over a little?? 🙂 🙂

  2. I'm not sure if you've done a post like this before but I'd love to hear your thoughts on vitamins/supplements. We're raising two vegetarians and although they're great little eaters I'm starting to think more about protein powders, better vitamins, omega 3s, flax seed etc.

  3. Hey how do you make your pancakes? If in the book happy to wait 🙂

    I just keep having incredible fails!

  4. Yum! We tried your summer rolls this week and they were lush – they may make it into regular rotation! Thankfully, my vegan toddler seems to be coming out of a picky phase that was driving me CRAZY. She wanted to live on bread, tofu and banana.


  5. Delicious. Especially the coconut curry soup, it looks completely scrumptious. CJ xx

  6. Delicious. If only my daughter was so adventurous with the veggies. How do you make the oatmeal pudding?

  7. I always get so hungry when I look at this series! Delicious! Hey I noticed you've left the avocado stones in the guacamole, is that just to stop it going brown?

  8. Wow you are supermom. Seriously, this food looks amazing! I've been craving pancakes lately…do you make yours from scratch or is there a vegan mix out there?
    ~ Samantha