Do you guys remember my friend Kaylyn who helped me put together this amazingly delicious (banana free) acai bowl? Well she put together this delicious cocktail recipe for me to post too— weeks ago, but of course, in typical drea spirit, things got delayed. But it’s okay! I’m in miami today and tomorrow and enjoying friends and sunshine— and of course— spring has sprung, and unless you’re in New York or New England, it’s not snowing anymore! hooray! (Sorry mom.) So why not make yourself a cocktail to celebrate? And not just any cocktail…. but a light, refreshing, healthy one! This would of course be delicious without the rum too… but rum is good for your soul 😉 Enough babble, drink time:

Rum Kiwi Lime Spritzers
makes: two cocktails (because who would ever just drink one?)

You’ll need: 
1 kiwi
1 lime
6 basil leaves
2 tsp coconut sugar + a little extra for the rim if you’d like!
4 – 6 oz. rum
splash of soda water*agave nectar works great in place of coconut sugar

How to: 
-muddle the kiwi, 4 basil leaves and coconut sugar.
-squeeze in the lime juice.
-add ice, the rum, and give it a stir
-finish with a splash of soda water.
-garnish with a basil leaf, kiwi slice, or lime.
-enjoy with friend!

By the way, I call 100% of my cocktails “spritzers” cause I’m an old lady.

Want to see more cocktail recipes?  How about these three really delicious (and healthy) cocktails? Mmmmm.

Happy wednesday, friends!

recipe and photos by: Kaylyn Durrance (thank you, Kaylyn!) text by me, duh.


  1. oh my, kiwis! i love kiwis and could eat them all day! this looks so delicious, pinning for summer time!

  2. Sounds delicious, I'm intrigued by the coconut sugar, not sure we have that here. Lime and coconut are two of my favourite flavours, especially together. It's spring here, just about, but still quite chilly. Soon though, soon… CJ xx

  3. This cocktail sounds delicious! Definitely on my "for-when-the-warm-weather-comes" list. 😉
    Have a lovely day!