Garden, yay! I’m sure you guys know we’ve been working pretty hard on our garden. Winter is more or less our growing season around here. I mean, you can grow things in summer, but its much easier to grow things in the “cooler” months. Our garden changes a lot. We’re playing around with growing  A LOT of different things. My favorite things are just salad greens and cucumbers— cause they’re expensive to buy, easy to grow, and there’s some ready just about anytime you would need some in the garden 🙂 Alex is a boss when it comes to our garden. He’s definitely in charge of most of it—- most of the edibles anyway, while I worry about our hundreds of succulent friends 😉

not impressed by rain.

Alex (and Marlowe) have put a lot of work into the side yard. We added another raised garden bed a while ago. Alex built a fire pit, and remember those garden tiles we made  few months back? We finally put those to good use on the side of our house—- it’s not the most attractive side with the giant air conditioning unit, but it still looks massively better compared to before! We also took our “christmas tree” and gave that a good home outside 🙂

our homemade stepping stones in use 🙂 

cutest little gardener.

Oh, and the biggest pest in the garden? This guy for sure. Yes, we have rats, mice, cats, birds, slugs, and all the other usual creatures, but Mr. Waylon sure does a number on our garden! Dug up garden beds, trampled greens, full bean plants pulled out. What a jerk.

I’m super happy with our space 🙂 We will want to build a pizza oven at some point, and fence in the front— and then take that over with plants, but for now, our space is quite the improvement from before. A real wonderful place to spend the cooler days.

See a massive before: HERE 🙂

Only a couple more days In india and then I make the long trek home! Have a great weekend friends! 


  1. You should definitely get a pizza oven. It's just the best! My Uncle has one and I'm always so happy, when it's warm enough and we can turn the oven on. You Pizza-girl will love it! 🙂

  2. Such an awesome space! I can't wait until I have a garden to work in 🙂

  3. Your garden is so beautiful. It looks like the perfect yard to just hang around in all day and enjoy. And munch, too 🙂

  4. Dear little Waylon, I know you couldn't be cross with that innocent little puppy face. Even if he does have a plant hanging out of his mouth. You have worked wonders with your garden, it's really looking lovely now. I'm interested to see your different growing schedule, no doubt some things don't like the heat but do quite well in your "winter". Salad greens and cucumbers are great to grow aren't they, it's always so nice to pop outside for a handful of salad for lunch. I really enjoy your garden posts, they're most inspirational. CJ xx

  5. Soooo interested in what the front of your house looks like!!!! This is such a beautiful space. You're such an ambitious and productive person!

  6. Your little garden and yard and so inspiring for me. Can't wait to grow some of our own veggies! Thanks for some inspiration for this weekend!

  7. Your garden is such a lovely, inviting space! I love that its both relaxing and functional with the garden!