Hey guys! Man, what a journey to travel to the other side of the earth! Really! I mean, I could not be further from home if I tried! I literally felt upside down for the first two days. My head just wobbled back and forth—- traveling the globe and getting a *good* four hours of sleep in my 24 hours of transit (after being awake the full day prior) will do that I suppose 🙂 But I made it. Many tears beforehand— by Marlowe, with Marlowe, after saying by to Marlowe. Hugging Alex at drop off. Ooof. And maybe on the first plane a bit too—- but I made it. Take that, plane anxiety! 
I’ve had a great firsst two(ish?) days. Lisa met me at the airport at 2 am (Delhi time). And I was off to bed by 4:40 am only to wake up a few hours later at 8. We checked out markets, our first lunch spot that we would be taking the girls to, and just took care of general errands and surprises to prep for the arrival of the ladies! It’s been fun being on the working side of putting together a trip— I love planning trips for myself and family, so it’s pretty cool coming together with Lisa/Above The Clouds (an expert at putting together trips for people) to create a really badass experience for ourselves and a bunch of other women. We’ve been touring around with Arundhati, who has been awesome. Yesterday we checked out a bunch of restaurant venues for our last two dinners— tried some of the food, scoped out the private spaces, etc. I also bought a few trinkets for Marlowe— pinks, yellows, and rainbows please. 
Our hotel is great. Lisa and I are in the garden courtyard as I type— waiting the arrival of the group— part of the group— some get in later tonight. My friend Brittany (from Florida— who moved to France two-ish years ago) is coming along— other than that, everyone is a stranger that I’m excited to meet 🙂 
I feel like I’ve seen most of the city or atlas driven through it already— but I’m probably wrong. This city is much larger than I expected! Busy parts, quieter parts, big buildings, small buildings. Everything— many of the extremes. This place doesn’t feel as incredibly foreign as I thought it would. Different, yes, of course, but not unfamiliar is someways too. I would never, ever ever drive here, it’s crazy on the roads! But I would surely visit again—- Lisa and I have talked about doing something like this most of our lives and I’m happy to do this for the first time with her and her business 🙂 
Well, I’m going to sign off now, a car should be pulling up any minute with two from our group! 
And a happy happy birthday, dad! Love you, old man. See you when I get back 🙂 
ps. I’m still posting pictures (at super random hours of course) on  my instagram and you can follow along at @abovethecloudstrav to see more photos of our adventure too 🙂 
I hope you guys all have a great week! Posts will be up as usual 🙂  


  1. Sounds like you're having an amazing time!!:) I did have a little laugh when you said you feel like you've driven through most of the city, I lived there and didnt cover the whole city haha. Hope you are eating EVERYTHING, cause its all amazing! look forward to seeing more.

  2. Have an amazing time!!! This trip makes me so excited.. i feel like I'm there! haha
    & your pictures are bright and lovely as always!

  3. It already looks incredibly colourful and exciting… have an amazing time and enjoy the craziness that is jet lag! Can't wait to hear about more parts of your adventure!

  4. Hurray!!! So glad you are happy and things are going well. I read your blog daily, but this is my first comment 🙂 Love feeling like a part of this India adventure. I would have loved to join you!

  5. Glad you had a safe trip. Let the adventures begin! Enjoy yourself Drea, CJ xx

  6. Sounds like so much fun! When we went, just my husband and I, we were sort-of working from guidebooks and recommendations – it would be a blast to go with a bunch of ladies, especially ladies who had done all the research for me! Such a cool business idea.

    Although, then we might not have ended up hiking through a tiger reserve and getting covered in leeches – which was pretty much our best story from the trip…