I’m writing this in advance— but if you’re reading this, I should be home by now. If not, well, pray for me haha. I’m not sure what will change or how life will be when I return, but it’s pretty certain it will not be the same– things always change after travel— and I’m certainly hoping for the best. I’m nervous I’ll be tired or antsy— or ever worse: both. But theres nothing I can do but see. I do know I’ll be happy though. And I did promise Marlowe that as soon as I returned, we would start planning for our next family trip– for the three of us. Not one, not two, but the three of us should go somewhere together. Even just a staycation– but something nice, together. I’m looking forward to that. I hope you guys all had a great week! Sometimes I say it too much and sometimes I don’t say it enough, but than you for coming to this space. I appreciate your presence and your kindness greatly. Wishing you sunshine 🙂