It’s no secret that we’re fans of color around here. I honestly don’t think our lives could get more colorful. I mean, we still need to plan to paint the house– Alex votes yellow, Marlowe wants rainbow, I’m starting to lean towards periwinkle– but that’s another story and probably wont happen for a fair amount of time (if ever– we’ll see). Anyway, slowly, over the past two years or so, our house colors have transitioned from mostly yellows to mostly blues. It’s been unintentional for sure, but a welcomed change. We could maybe probably blame it on the three floral couches— but let’s not actually blame it on anything, k?

Anyway, I’ve teamed up with Ace Hardware (again) for their new 31 days of color campaign. Pre-India I got a chance to go through a list of colors (31 of them to be exact, duh) and choose one of my liking. I chose a few different colors— one of them being blue. And not just a mild blue, but like a real pop in your face blue. Quickly after, I was starting to second guess my color choice. We have colors everywhere, but no bright paint pops in our house. Would this blue even work? I wasn’t sure. I left for India and well, I’ll be honest, I didn’t give much of a second thought to decorating, painting, or whatever else (besides family, duh) at home. A little over halfway into my trip, I walked down to the hotel bar and was absolutely blown away the intense blue and contrasting white that was standing before me. I was in love. And became quickly excited when I realized that it may have been fate that put me and this intense blue (in India and in the paint can) together. Dramatic, yes, but a fun pop in daytime and a magic dreamy combo in the evenings. Even though I’d like my entire house to look like that bar (booze and murals too please), Alex and I agreed, it might just be a bit too much. We settled on our bench (a hat bench by default) and a few coats of paint later, on a beautiful sunny day, we had ourselves the brightest and most fun addition to our space.

I ended up heading to Ace to pick up a contrasting white (with slight pink undertones) for the contrast pop. Alex kept suggesting that I add in white floral detail (see, he loves flowers too), but I was a bit nervous— I’m sure it would look great, but only if I can pull it off— taking an overnight breather for now, but I might just go back tomorrow to add more and see what happens. What the worst that happens? I have to paint it blue again? Sounds like a risk I should probably take 😉 Hooray blue! Time to set some mood lighting 😉

Ace Hardware has provided free paint samples.  I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

Going to The Paint Studio at Ace is like going to your neighbor.



  1. Really cool! I do love the colours and patterns of India, I like how it turned out!

  2. Beautifully done, and that bar is gorgeous, I can see why you were inspired. CJ xx

  3. Love it! Whenever we travel, we always come home with a million ideas as to how we can live just a little bit differently.
    I just painted my dining table legs bright turquoise, and it's so cheerful! But my table top didn't turn out exactly as planned…