We can cook around here— no one is surprised by that, right? I can confidently say I’m pretty good at my fair amount of kitchen things and Alex is good at a whole range of others. Actually today (and all this week) Marlowe has been asking if we can “play master chef jr. together”— where we take turns being the kids and the judge and talking about the food. I of course love this. It’s pretty much the cutest thing for her to go over what herbs or spices she thinks worked well– or how she really like the taste of a certain broth. Master chef jr….. here she comes! Anyway, all that being said, we don’t use Blue Apron to teach us how to cook (though I’m certain it would be great for that!), we use it for new meal inspiration for our home!  This is now my third time teaming up with Blue Apron— and like I’ve said before, each time is better than the last! We’ve never been disappointed.

The whole thing is pretty convenient. Blue Apron is like a mix between real, fresh food, a special treat yourself moment and something overall exciting to try. I like it, because I know I wont have to go to the store for a while when I schedule a box to come— I just open up a door to a happy refrigerated box 😉 It mixes things up without having to eat over oiled and over salted restaurant food. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good restaurant experience, but this feels a whole lot healthier and better for you.We had a few good options in our Blue Apron box this time, but we were most excited for the pupusa’s– because I mean—- pupusa’s are like an arepa combined with a tortilla stuffed with delicious things! In this case, stuffed with our favorite: black beans. Well, cheese too, but that was reserved for Alex. M and I were happy with just the black beans— I basically had to hold her away to stop her from eating all the beans before our meal was made.

And the dish came with coleslaw— Marlowe’s absolute favorite. Basically, this was her favorite meal ever and made sure to tell us 10 times over.

Want to try Blue Apron for yourself. Blue Apron if giving the first 50 readers who sign up two meals off their first order for FREE! Just click HERE to place your order :)Blue Apron is available nationwide and ships out to about 80% of the country. You can check out the full map of locations HERE— and there’s always free shipping, no matter where you are 🙂

You can see their full list of recipes HERE, but don’t look if you’re starving, you’ll be mad at me, haha! 🙂 Next time I definitely want to try one of their Asian dishes– we have yet to have one! Something like their moo shu vegetables or seared tofu with soba noodles. yum yum yum!


  1. This looks like such a delicious, healthy meal 🙂 your photos make me wish summer were here instead of snow drifts so we could actually sit outside to eat dinner!

  2. we love blue apron (thanks to you guys) but seriously… lets talk about that shirt you are wearing for a minute… where is that gorgeousness from?

  3. this particular blue apron meal looks delicious! i also love all of your colorful kitchen and dining ware. you are truly surrounded by beauty!

  4. I am so sad! I keep seeing all these great meals and want to try Blue Apron but they basically don't deliver to the middle of the US from the north to the south end…maybe the 80% comes from population over miles? Maybe some day soon…but this is still inspiring. I need to get to the store!

  5. Oh goodness gracious that looks incredible! I may just have to try these out one day soon. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Samantha

  6. What a great idea. I'd never heard of pupusas before, you are educating me! They look delicious. CJ xx