These are pretty old now— like, most of them are from way back when she was three *GASP* but I don’t know, it’s pretty cool to document the little moments she found special too 🙂 Every once in a while she turns to me and asks for my phone because she wants tot make a photo of something and pretty much always, I will say yes, because, why not?! I do have an pretty hefty case on my phone (most of the time, but not always) for a reason. I mean, my phone fell off a moving car once, and was left un-scratched, so I think the three (now four) year old can handle it. I’m rambling— and really most of these were taken with a little point and shoot, so my rambles are totally pointless. My point is: Marlowe’s photos, yes.

photos of us (and a fish) in New Orleans. Alex, looked especially handsome on this day 🙂 

one of lily, in new york

one from last holiday season. I’m sexy and I know it. 


her favorite.

art, duh.

selfie, double duh.

maybe she has a new crush…… this was an interesting one to find on my phone later. 

behind the scenes, obviously. Or we’re playing a game where we pretend Alex is zachery quito and we’re paparazzi. You decide. 

another one from new orleans. 

and this guy. 


  1. Your little nugget is super talented! I usually scoff at extremely young artistic "prodigies," but I really, genuinely think she has a good eye!

  2. I love these! My kid (just barely 4 now) loves to wander around with my big camera. I find a lot of pictures of our cats later. 🙂

  3. Love squeeze and love the selfie. My favourite? Oh it's dear little Waylon of course. That nose! CJ xx