hey guy.
(not mine).

found this gem…. from the time we brought our computers out at night to try to get things done but then realized it was a weekend and people are out drinking and we needed to go to bed like grandmas or have a drink too. 

taking pictures of things for a website. not my website. well, it’s on my website now. so maybe two websites. or something. moving on…

that bunny again. 

biscuit love. 

natures juice box.

ps. for those who have asked about the tapestry— I found a few to sell. you can email me, it might take me a while to respond, but I will 😉 

bed snacks. 

dog + coffee. 

date nights. need another one soon.

flowers, duh. 

puppy love. 

a different color scheme. 

the toes. I want to steal them. 
I meant to post these while I was away—- but then I ended up being on my computer, well, almost never. Like, 90% less than I usually am. It was awesome. So anyway, these are old. But still lovable 😉 


  1. Love the picture of Marlowe with the rabbit, adorable. I bet Jerry liked the rabbit too… Beautiful green plants, I wish I had a few more squeezed in here. CJ xx