This whole month has been awesome. Really awesome. We spent a good chunk of last week visiting our friends in Miami. Before leaving for India, I promised Marlowe we would head down to Miami for a sleepover when I returned. And so we did. We discussed a girls west coast trip, or possibly adventuring south or north, but at the end of the day, we were just happy to relax and adventure in our local (or Claudia’s local) area together. I say it every time, but its amazing watching Marlowe and Lily grow together. They are so much of the same— smart, articulate, and all about art and creative fashion. Maybe it’s the somewhat similar parenting and lifestyles, I don’t know, but they are just so great together. And it gives Claudia and I time to just hangout and relax while they play and create.

hey ladiesssss. 

beach hangs. 

mom selfie. 

“I’m having a terribly hard day” selfie 😉 

I always love our time with Claudia and family. Its like a home away from home and vacation at the same time. Seriously, I love the internet so much some times. It’s pretty rad to meet like minded genuine people– I’m grateful for it. Are you guys loving this year? We’re already a quarter in (crazy!), but it’s been so good to us! I’m off to do some yard work!* Have a great day, friends!

one of my favorite posts to date: last year at this time. 

*I wrote this post yesterday, did lots of cleaning, then yard work. Today? I woke up at 530 am to rush rush rush my my brother &sister in laws house! Babbbyyyyyyyy! Its happening soon. Hooray tuesday! 


  1. Maybe I am just really into outdoor spaces lately (ok, I am), but I love the photos of the outdoor space in Miami and that little covered porch with the hanging chair. <3

  2. Lovely pictures, glad you and Marlowe had such a good time together. The first quarter of the year has absolutely flown by hasn't it. I need to achieve things in the remaining three quarters! Time to get stuck in. Good luck to your sister-in-law and brother, I hope it all goes well. CJ xx

  3. when you posted the first pic on insta, i didn't realize they were holding hands. they are so fn cute! and hooray for our second spring break together. love you girls! xx