A lot of these meals are pre-india. Some are after. While I was away Marlowe at pretty well though— or I was told, but I mean, Alex was here, the kid was definitely well fed.

an asian veggie noodle soup. with tofu, carrots, and peas and radish from the garden. 

green stuff, lots of it. 

pizza with greens from the garden. 

mmmmmmm. papaya salad and veggie dumplings. 

more green pasta with cherry and sundries tomatoes– my fav. 

tacos with rice and smokey pinto beans. it’s pretty much a rule that Alex makes the pinto beans and I make all the other beans. nom nom. 

chickpea salad with carrots and shredded cauliflower too. 
side note: I was at the supermarket and got asked if I wanted to try a new ‘mayo’, I asked if it was vegan and she replied ‘it’s for everyone’ best response. I bought it. 

leftovers of the rice and beans leftovers of the chickpea salad with added in peas from the garden ana da salad from the garden.

tomato soup and biscuits. 


did I already share this? if not, paella. nom nom.


    • she only ate them the one time– and hasn't since, but she will be eating them in the future, but only from home raised chickens from us, friends, or otherwise 😉

  1. I love these posts! My daughter is only 16 months, so it's great to get ideas for what might work for an older toddler. Mine is still a little greens-phobic. :/

    Is that a little bowl of nutritional yeast for sprinkling? So cute!


  2. Will Alex's pinto beans recipe be in your cookbook? Because that looks amazing.

    Also, do you tend to use dried beans or canned?

    Thanks, Verity

  3. Mmm, delicious. I can't wait until there is salad from the garden again. Not long now, spring is definitely in the air. CJ xx