There are a lot of things that are up in the air this week, but I do know two things to be very certain: 1. it’s good to show love to the people in your life &2. flowers can make any day, home, room, brighter— and I’ve maybe been obsessed with flowers for too long. (okay, sort of three things).While in the hospital this week, I received a shipment from Bouqs— the most beautiful floral delivery service I have seen to date. Seriously though— it’s hard to find more stunning flowers. Alex and Marlowe opened up the packages and got to work creating perfect little bouquets for me and placed them carefully around the house. I was happy and sad about this. Happy because it was so sweet to see that not only had they done this, but also documented it together for me to see later. Sad because I had intended to give the pink and yellow roses to miss Marlowe because those are her absolute favorite! But in the end of it, the flowers were here, picked by me with love and then put together and scattered throughout the house with even more love by them, so it’s really only good things surrounding these flowers. And like I said, there really are no prettier flowers— I mean, look at these things!

a photo by marlowe.

And also? Bouqs is not only beautiful, fresh, and easy, but all the flowers are also grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow strict and responsible farming practices. This is key. They’re certified by Veriflora as well as The Rainforest Alliance— so there never has to be concerns of rainforest devastation or anything like that— all you have to worry about is who to send them to or  what room to place them in 😉 If that alone didn’t sell you (that was what sold me), then it’s good to add— Bouqs’ flowers are cut the day you order and shipped directly (no second and third party) to your door for the freshest, longest lasting flowers ever. A gorgeous win all around.

And with mothers day around the corner— I’d give these 10 thumbs up (I’ll need some extra friends for more thumbs please)— no cheap-o candy or glued on teddy bears, just gorgeous, straight from the farm florals that any mom, grandma, daughter, anyone can appreciate. I mean if it means anything to you guys, my mom walked in and gasped. And then proceeded to ask me ten million questions about the flowers– because she agreed, she had never seen flowers so bright, fresh, and gorgeous in her life.

Ready to order some (just in time for mothers day!?!?) yes yes yes! Click HERE to receive 15% off your order by using code: BLOOM15 today! Hooray!

Oh, and ps. there’s always free shipping from Bouqs!

& If you’re interested, you can watch a video HERE. I was amused 😉


  1. They're gorgeous. How sweet that they put them around the house for you. I particularly love the photo taken by Marlowe, brilliant! CJ xx