If you couldn’t guess by the title, I don’t love shopping. In fact, I really dislike shopping for clothing. Home stuff is another story (love you home good shopping), but clothes? pft. Thats not to say I don’t like new clothes, because of course I do 😉  I think it’s safe to say we all do.

I teamed up with LE TOTE this past month— which has been conveniently, pretty awesome. LE TOTE is a fashion rental service that basic gives you an infinite closet. I like it because I get to choose what I like, without going to the mall and also because it’s like using and recycling clothing with no waste. There’s no guilt about wearing a garment only a few times and sending it off. You can keep up with new trends, get new stuff, without constantly buying new clothes. I’ve mentioned it before, but more times than not I have buyers guilt about clothes— hence the whole not loving to shop vibe.

Other perks about LE TOTE: its pretty fun (just scroll and click styles and garments). And I like that there’s free shipping: both ways. And for someone who hates going to the post office, this is another huge perk. Your tote comes with a pre-addressed postage stamp– no lines required. Just drop in the box or you can even schedule a mail pick up!

Yes, I don’t like going very many places— or at least crowded places. It’s cool.

How LE TOTE works: 

1. You sign up and pay one monthly fee.
2. Fill out your profile and ‘like’ all of your favorite pieces by clicking a little heart button— this adds the pieces to your ‘closet’.
2. A stylist will curate your tote with items in your closet and items that fit your style (I basically only said yes to black, blue, white, and grey).
3. They email you 24 hours before your tote gets shipped out so you can peek into your box! And if you’d like, you can swap out items and customize your box even more!
4. Wear your tote (3 garments, 2 accessories) for as long or as little as you want! 2 days, 3 weeks, however long or little as you please!
5. Send the whole tote back in the prepaid envelope and LE TOTE will send you a new tote immediately. Loved something? Hold on to it and send everything else back. This lets LE TOTE know that you’d like to purchase the item! They charge the card for the items you loved and kept and then send a new tote.
6. You keep winning at life, away from the mall and perhaps surrounded by puppies.

this post could also be called: when I tried to take a picture on a chair and got love attacked by puppies. Again, I’m VERY good at posing

or: fashion styling by marlowe with an incredibly great accidental dog prop.

easy peasy mail back. 

So basically, LE TOTE is perfect for you if:
-you hate the mall
-you’re a hermit who likes to dress well
-you get buyers guilt from shopping
-you don’t like commitment
-you want new things, but hate to shop
-you don’t want to waste your time, you just want awesome stuff chosen for you
-you just want to try something new

Want a discount? Click HERE to get 20% off. No code needed, just use the link and you’re good to go! If all else fails use code: “OHDEARDREA”

Perfect right? Hooray!

ps. how do we feel about my pants? It took my a while to get them over my butt. I’m still back and forth between I want to be loud and proud about my hispanic thighs (and booty) or if I should just step away. 


  1. I am trying out Le Tote! I'm hoping it will help me kick my impulse shopping habit…letting me experiment every month without having to commit to adding more to my closet 🙂
    How do you feel about the capsule wardrobe trend going around?

  2. I have just came from Bloglovin and really love your peaceful and colorful photos and also blog design..ummm i say atmosphere!!!! I wish I could live somewhere like you live!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I thought the pants looked great on you! Although for me, too tight = too high maintenance and annoying and I'd never wear them. So, up to you.

  4. What an awesome idea!! My only worry would be…what if the clothes shrink in the wash? Or what about spills/stains???
    ~ Samantha

  5. Wow. Very interesting. I am actually all about this. I don't like shopping because I can't commit. This is perfect.

  6. What an interesting concept! I never thought there would ever be anything like this. What if you like something so much you want to permanently buy it, can you do that? Just wondering xx

    Brooke | brookewrote