You know, the title and first photo caption were probably not the best choices for this post. This post should probably be called something like “10 strangers joined Lisa and I in India and I didn’t photograph them” I mean, I didn’t like them, why would I photograph them? No. Kidding. haha. I LOVED them, but really, the first few days they were strangers and I wasnt about to be like “Welcome to India, I know you’re jet lagged, but HERE IS MY CAMERA IN YOUR FACE” (You’re welcome for not doing that to you ladies). 
I think it’s safe to say the first few days are probably hazy to much of the ladies, just as the first few days are pretty hazy for me. Most of the girls actually traveled from California— thats a pretty intense time change! I didn’t know what to expect really. Most were not frequent users of social media– so I couldn’t stalk them there prior to the trip (I tried)– so really, most of the information I knew was the normal information required from Above the Clouds from all their travelers. When putting together the trip I was asked (rightfully so), aren’t you worried about inviting a bunch of strangers from the internet to go to india with you? Hmm. Yes and no. I mean, it’s the internet, it’s weird, I get it. I’ve had countless fake profiles and blogs using my pictures and I love Catfish (the tv show), so I get it. But I also know this is what Lisa does– and does well, so I was happy to move forward and meet all these internet weirdos– to fall in love with. I mean, right off the bat, Raha, the youngest and other vegan of the group, scared me. I wasn’t sure if she was dead or alive. Transit was not her friend and she had gotten off three overnight shifts in the ER (or something like that. She’s a badass doctor). And now? She’ll probably be the first one I reunite with. 
So anyway, the first few days were not like expected. I hoped to woo the girls in the hotel garden with cocktails and sunshine (or moonshine) but instead, there was rain, A LOT of it. Rain happens, but it is pretty odd to have rain in off season. And since many of the girl were from California (I know, I already said that), they were probably like “what is this wet nonsense from the sky?” (It’s been a constant drought in California, if you didn’t know). But we powered through. We changed our pottery plans for another day (and another city) and ventured to a textile museum and to a handicraft emporium instead. Because what better way to introduce a group to India than by taking them shopping for fantastic handmade goods, right? Totally. We were all happy.    
We made it work. And considering it all, I think it all turned out really well. We were all blissful, sleepy women—- in India. 
I want to write more, but honestly, I need to unplug. So I’ll let these photos do the talking. I’d like to say ‘tell a story‘ but the photos are in no correct order— so just imagine us hopping from place to place, with 13 cameras in hand, falling in love with each other and this magical country— because thats just what we did 😉 
Stole this sparkly teeth clenched moment photo from Lisa Hailey.


Melissa and selfie man. 
oh and we had the girls measured to have custom made saris! We told them it was for their holi outfits– it wasn’t 🙂 

Also sorry a lot of these photos aren’t great. I decided put down my phone and start using a real camera— which failed. Everything became washed out or grainy. Some photos are okay. Some are whatever. But either way, I promise you, I have many better photos coming your way 😉

Have a wonderful and adventurous weekend, friends!

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  1. Your photos turned out great! It looks like you had a spectacular time, I hope I can go one day! I know what you mean with transitioning back to a "real" camera – I still find I have more confidence in my phone's camera than in an actual camera!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I'm amazed by the beauty, color, and quality of the pictures! Gorgeous Your photography is beautiful! 🙂

  3. It looks wonderful, you're making me want to visit. I love the "Mind Your Head" picture – so much colour and textile choice your head may explode, is that it? It's so leafy everywhere, I imagine the gardens are lovely. I shall look forward to seeing more. CJ xx