I just want to pop in and say thank you to you guys. It’s sort of crazy to me that I can just sit here and type and know so many of you are reading and supporting. I mean, how did I really get to this point? I’m not sure, but I’m grateful and lucky.

Thank you for sharing the excitement of the big cookbook news. I went out for drinks the other night and secretly cheers a few friends, but I’m looking forward to properly celebrating one day soon. In the meantime I’m just working on life over here. I have a lot of posts lined up in my head and on paper (I know it’s somewhere around here) too. And I actually have quite a few sponsored posts coming up that I’m excited for— some companies that are really cool and I think you’ll enjoy. I know, who gets excited for sponsored posts? I do apparently, haha. You’ll like them, I swear! And India posts too— one of the things I’m still most excited about, but fail in gathering– but I’ll be posting more of the india adventuring soon, if not tomorrow 🙂

So on the not blog-side of things—- it turns out, I don’t actually have carpal tunnel. The shot fixed some issues, but not the majority of them. I’m currently working on figuring out the underlying problem. The good news is, I’m actually being pro-active about it. Ruling out some things, but still need some tests for others. Most of me is still pretty healthy, haha so thats a perk! Thank you, healthy eats! But my body still deserves a lot of side eyes. I’m actually heading to a chiropractor soon, by suggestion of a few of you. I’ve never been and honestly, I’m not really sure how it all works, but I figure a consultation doesn’t hurt. I’d love to hear your good or bad thoughts on chiropractic experiences, if you have them! Anyway, I’ll chat more about this when I find out more answers– no need to spoil awesome things.

I know I haven’t done a question and answer post in a while, but always feel free to let me know if there are more topics and ideas you want me to write about 🙂 Gardening, food, local tidbits, whatever.

Thank you again. I wish I could thank each one of you individually, you guys deserve that. Know your support is appreciated. Happy to have you all here. Have a wonderful wednesday!  


  1. Hi,

    thank you for a lovely blog, it is so inspiring to read about what you're up to 🙂 I am an osteopathy student and can very warmly suggest that you would see an osteopath regarding your problem, even if the cause is a little bit unclear. I live and study in Finland and osteopathy is a bit different here than in the US, but there definitely are many skilled ones over there! (I think they are also medical doctors there as well as osteopaths).

  2. You totally deserve a book party a la Carrie Bradshaw, with lots of wine and treats! Hahaha it sounds like you're keeping busy as usual…but be sure to let it go to your head at least a little bit 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  3. I've never pre-ordered a book until now! Looking forward to receiving your book. Congrats!

  4. As a follow up to your "keeping your house clean" post, could you speak to toy organization? Looking forward to your book. I lived in Miami for 15 years before moving to Texas and coming to your blog brings me such great memories of South Florida.

  5. I'm glad it's not carpal tunnel, I hope you're able to get it sorted soon. I'd love to hear a little bit about your planting/harvesting times in South Florida. I'm curious as to how your seasons work – I know they're not clearly defined like elsewhere, I'm wondering if most of your growing is done outside of the hottest time of the year. I shall look forward to seeing a little more of India. CJ xx

  6. Get better, lady! I would like to see a post showing how you display your succulents in the home and garden. I found a great local nursery with lovely succulent plants, and I think they would make a great addition to our home.

  7. I love my chiropractor! I've never heard of anyone having a bad experience with one. Also, I love how you just share your thoughts every now and then. 🙂 Aaaand, your sponsored posts are the best! Just fyi 🙂

  8. i just started chiropractic care. you have to commit! i went three times a week for about a month, and now i'm going twice a week.

    i have to say…my neck and back pain is gone. my moods have improved. and my cycle is actually regular for the first time in my life. so, in my humble opinion…i think you should go for it!!

  9. I love your blog so much!! It's always so colorful, tropical, healthy and fun! I've never commented before, so thought i should 🙂 I really want to move to south Florida and your blog inspires me on that dream! (The right time will come, I just know it!) I'm so excited for your cookbook! xo

  10. I'm so happy that I'm an avid follower of this blog. Seriously, your photos and words make me so happy! Thank you for providing such a gorgeous online escape for us all 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  11. I'm actually living in Palm Beach area for the next few weeks and would love to get some recommendations on your favorite vegan/organic/farm to table spots. Maybe you've done a post on this and I've missed it? Either way hope your wrist feels better soon!