I received these photos they day I arrived in India. This was all the way back in December now— feels so long ago! And both Marlowe and Waylon have changed and grown so much. It felt extra special to be missing my family and home and open up my email to find these. A day like any other (with Alex off work) captured by my friend, photographer Celia. No fancy outfits. No posing, just everyday life around here.*I have a post coming up for you guys to see how really great magnificent I am at posing. Like, really, really good 😉

Time has been heavy on my mind lately— no guarantees of anything other than right now. It creeps in and out of my thoughts, depending on the season. I’m grateful for this home and these moments. This really is the good stuff. I hope it lasts forever.

Thank you Celia for these photos— we’ll be down there visiting you soon— promise.

You can see the last photos Celia took of our family: HERE 🙂


  1. My heart beat faster while looking at these. So sweet! Marlowe, Waylon, butterfly friends… so much goodness in one post. You do some pretty epic poses, but your non-posed photos are amazing. <3

  2. I'm really, really in love with these pictures. Actually, I'm really in love with ALL of your pictures. Especially the home photos. It makes me long to create a beautiful space of my own when I have a house in the future! Thanks for all of the inspiration, love 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  3. What beautiful photos, she's clearly very good at capturing relaxed moments. I love the popcorn photo and the last two of you, they're gorgeous. CJ xx

  4. Beautiful photos – well done Celia! One of the great things about keeping a blog, even a little one like mine, is having family photos archived this way – you'll look back at these forever!