black bean soup and toast

and leftovers turned to taco days.

white bean veggie soup with avocado toast.

chickpeas, carrots, and cauliflower stewed in tomatoes with rice. 

what a random snack. broccoli and backed tofu, side of ketchup.

and an even more random leftover lunch/dinner. cole slaw and avocado toast for her. And for me too, with kale and the most amazing little tomatoes from our garden. she garnished with oregano.

veggie lasagna. 

green pasta dates. 

finally got her to eat sweet potatoes—- but she mostly ate the coleslaw. 


  1. Mmm, I must try doing sweet potatoes like that, they look delicious. I love the home grown tomatoes, I bet they're delicious. Well grown Drea! CJ xx

  2. I want to eat what Marlowe eats!! Do you have a recipe for the black bean soup somewhere?

  3. I tried a green pasta recipe last night, and I LOVED it…my kids would not touch it. Do you just keep trying new foods until they finally have a bite?