this photo cracks me up so much.. Alex looks like his food is SO SAD.

the season is here. 

a taco feast, courtesy of Alex. 

yes analu? 

hat / jeans (different wash, same fit) / necklace / similar top.

So in the craziness of it all, I had three (newer) friends fly across the country to come for a stay— you know, “to nurse me back to health with dancing and good vibes.” These three ladies? I met them all in India. Magical, right? The ladies who always sat together, like punks, in the back of our India bus. Anyway, I love these ladies. Grateful they decided to pick up their lives and travel to India with me. And grateful they came to visit me across the country— despite this hectic time
One of my regrets is wishing I felt better– to show them more adventure and outdoor love here in South Florida. Next time, for sure. For now, I’m still so incredibly up and down. Down more than I would like— but luckily they had each other for the days my body needed my beds attention. I could rest, and they could take off to explore. It all worked out. With everything, I had a good dose of soul medicine and they had a good dose of humidity and lychees. 
Outside of endless doctors appointments (for me), we spent this time at one of my favorite beaches, eating tropical fruit, trying new (to us) vegan restaurants, and we even had a (very needed) spa day (ooof my body was beat up!). We spent time with my favorite loves, Laura and Alana— and of course Miss Marlowe too. Such an easy time to lift my spirits a bit. Sad it coming to an end. But grateful the week.
Thank you ladies for joining me. I’ll see you in a few months. So many food and outdoor adventures await us. 
The whole family is excited, another August in California, here we come! 
I hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks again for being here <3


  1. Friend time, great healing medicine. Glad you're feeling a bit better, Drea! I missed your posts.

  2. Woman love is the best love. I am so glad you have support from near and far. Thinking of you and sending you good health vibes!

  3. Glad you're a bit better, it looks like a really lovely few days. Delicious food as always, beautiful scenery and wonderful company. The best medicine. Look after yourself Drea. CJ xx