I always want to be comfortable. I mean, we all do, right? But I will not step outside of my comfort limits and I haven’t been big on seeking change lately either. Inmfact, I’ve been craving more comfort than usual lately— I mean, it makes sense, with everything going on. This house has been more hectic even, every day is a new surprise and our basic comforts like mood and health (for all of of us) have been a bit unpredictable. I’m also not good at change— or I mean, I am, but it takes a big self-talking to to make it happen. Like, none of us are itching to move any furniture around over here. And if one thing gets moved on a shelf, then one out of the three of us will be sure to move it back quickly. We get used to things a certain way– it’s comforting to have those things unwavering and steady.For the longest time, Alex has wanted a new mattress. I’m not sure why really. For me, my 7-8 year old 100$ mattress has been fine. Not great, or anything to write home about (in fact, my dad laughed at me when I told him I still had the same cheap mattress), but absolutely fine. I think for me, it’s not that I didn’t want a new mattress, but it’s just that I didn’t want to let go of the old one. A 7 year old creature comfort. But just like everything else in this house— we made it last, until one of us (or both of us) decided, it’s time to move forward. We like to do a big purge of the house each year, or sometimes twice a year– you guys know I love a good spring cleaning. I love to rid the house of the things we don’t use, need, or things that other people would be happier with. This year, along with clothes, musical equipment, bedding, and Marlowe’s old toddler toys, we took out our mattress and brought it in to donate. And in came a new mattress.

In a box. Alex and I looked at each other and thought “there’s no way.” But apparently there was a way—- because later that day when Alex went to work and my family came to stop by, I opened the box…. and took pictures to show you guys how amazing and ridiculous it is to find a new mattress in a box….

My step mom and I were both like, “WHOA.” and my dad was like all like *I don’t care. technology*

And just like that, I was opening up packaging to find… you really can fit a whole (awesome looking) mattress in a box. Or really, I can’t fit a mattress in a box, but the people of 4Sleep very obviously can (very well).


But seriously— 4Sleep makes an awesome looking (and amazingly comfortable) mattress. And I didn’t follow the directions at all (sorry directions), because it said to open the mattress in the room you plan to place it in and I was like, “nah, the middle of the house is a fine place to un-squish a mattress.” And so the entire afternoon was spent with my little brother and Marlowe fighting over who gets to lay (or play) on the mattress and Marlowe doing front roll after front roll— only stopping to ask, “I want a mattress like this, it’s so cozy, can I get a mattress like this?”

The next morning, we set it up— and again didn’t listen to instructions because we jumped on it for a good while– I mean, you have to right? You gotta test it out!

So I gotta tell you— my comfort thing, well, sometimes it borders on crazy. I was nervous about the new mattress, like, irrationally nervous. And the first night we plopped it on our bed, I refused to sleep on it. I knew it was comfortable, but I was worried about not sleeping well, or waking up with back pain (apparently that is a common thing when you switch your mattress), and was worried about whatever else I could possibly overthink. But finally, the following night, I embraced the new change that Alex had been wanting for a while— and  I was pleased, really pleased. No back pains, no headaches, no tossing and turning, just sleep. Peaceful, comfortable sleep.

Want to know more about our awesome looking mattress? Well, you can obviously check out their website, but I’ll tell you more too, because that’s sort of my job, right?

4Sleep mattresses are made here in the USA, right up the street– kind of. A few hour north drive anyway.
4Sleep offers free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and there is a 90 day money back guarantee and a ten year warranty.
4Sleep is a memory foam mattress with a promise to be mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and ozone-depleter free. And all mattresses are low-voc.
4Sleep mattresses are comfortable, really comfortable, like, your family will fight over them.

I hope you guys all had a great week and have a better weekend. I’m happy to say  that even though last week was tough— this week has shown much improvement. I even went to meditation/yoga this week. Good, happy thoughts. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Perfect timing! I've been researching mattresses with the fiance for our future home. Super excited about this new option.

  2. Looks amazing! I probably should get a new mattress, too. I'm like you… mine is "fine"… 9 years later…!
    Also, does her little shirt say "KALE", made to look like "YALE"? That is hysterically cute!

  3. I sooo need one of these! My back is out of whack from a goodness only knows how old bed we inherited when we moved into our place (some people may frown upon using someone elses bed….but hey, we didn't have much money and it was from my great grandma).

  4. A little while ago I went out like a grown-up and bought my first mattress. Oh my. I'm all about the comfort and this bad boy was on another level than I was previously accustomed to…..and then my parents got a new mattress…..they ruined my love with their heavenly cloud of a mattress. But I'm still thankful to be sleeping comfortably every night (even if it's not the heavenly cloud).

  5. Definitely one of the coolest mattresses I have seen and it even looks comfy! I'm going to have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like rock hard mattresses. Are these softer? Is that why these are foldable (for a packing box)? I'm trying to imagine any mattress I've been comfortable on that was soft enough to curve even a little bit, and . . . I can't think of one. Do these run on the soft side?

  7. Foam mattresses are what's up! I just got one (different brand) on Amazon and now I sleep like a baby. Wish I had known about 4Sleep though. That's great that it's free of all those toxins. Hope some good sleep helps you on your road to recovery!

  8. That is the prettiest mattress I have ever seen haha. I can't imagine ordering a mattress and it arriving in that small box… so cool! Glad it's comfortable for you 🙂

  9. Amazing about the box. Bet you couldn't get it back in there though… It looks fantastically comfy. I could really do with a new one, mine isn't as comfortable as it used to be. It's good to have a really excellent night's sleep isn't it. I'm so glad you're feeling a little better Drea, long may it continue. Wishing you a top weekend. CJ xx

  10. That's so awesome that there's a 90 day return policy. It really takes sleeping on a mattress a few nights to know if it's a great fit for your particular needs. If it doesn't work out, I wonder how hard it would be to squeeze it back into that box.

    • The great thing about returns is that you don't have to put it back into the box. We come and pick it up, no charge. You get a 100% refund.