I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit emotional writing this post— for a few reasons. There was a point two weeks ago where I didn’t know if I would be able to sit down with Marlowe again and do these activities. We had started one part of the project a day or two before I went to the hospital. But the second part? I promised with all my might that we could make it together when I got out. Five days later I got out of the hospital and a few days later I was using every bit of energy I could muster to sit with her to design a pretty magical tutu.

I’m also incredibly sad and emotional because my mom is gone now. This has been maybe the longest time my mom has been down here. She flew down after my first ER visit– planning to stay for a week and ended up staying much longer as I got worse. My whole family has been amazing through this awful time, but my mom really held this house together most days. I’m sad to have her gone– for the hard times and for the little moments like this that we could all spend together in the better moments.

So what moments did I enjoy the most with my mom? Well, outside of her helping me compulsively organize my things (it brings such a relief!), it was the moments shared between her, I, and Marlowe. We picked out the most amazing activity kits from Seedling. There were so many amazing activities to choose from— but I knew which would be best to do now– and which ones can wait for a certain someones birthday. For now, we chose a butterfly wing kit (the kid is still obsessed with butterflies— just like I was 😉 and a tutu making kit— because she is still planning to be a fashion designer when she grows up and still cannot escape wearing a tutu everyday— so really, it couldn’t have been a better fit. And with my mom here, sharing in our creating time, it just felt even better. An activity we could all fall in love with, right at home.

Before the hospital, we sat, designed, planned, and colored the perfect wings together. An activity just the way we want it: hands on, fun, and incredibly creative and colorful of course.


I’m such a nerd and seriously love projects that can be multidimensional— it’s not just coloring— but there’s also a chance to talk about design, layout, and patterns, and sparkle of course too 😉 And both these kits (and so many of the activities) from Seedling offer that. It’s not just a one time use toy– it’s an activity to learn from and have fun with— then have the ability to keep for a long, long time. And for any age since the kits are split up by ages– anywhere from three years old to twelve years old. Oh and even better, Seedling uses recycled materials in product design and packaging whenever possible. The kind of toys we appreciate most, really. Another grandparent and aunt/uncle hint: we love these– there are great gifts for kids– especially kids with too many toys. I really can’t say enough good things. All I can say, is, if you’re a friend of mine with a kid with an upcoming birthday— you can probably guess where I’m buying your kid’s gift from.

Home again with this monkey— taking a moment to breath and create outside. 

The philosophy behind every Seedling product is simple: to help fuel imaginations and open new paths to discovery. Kids are intended to use their own initiative at every stage of the activity – from the materials that they’ll use to the ways they’ll play with it. Once they start, there’s no end to the possibilities young minds can come up with!

—I can get behind that.

Want a discount? Seedling is offering 25% off your order when you sign up from THIS link and use discount code ‘SeedlingDrea‘ Hooray! 

Oh and looking for a cute small gift? We’re OBSESSED with the pocket money section. So many adorable items and they’re all between 1$ and 15$! 


  1. Hope you're recovering quickly!! Mums are definitely the best!
    Found the perfect gift for my girls on Seedling! Unfortunately shipping to Australia is around $300!! Hmmm, nope. There is a separate site for Aussies, but your discount code doesn't work 🙁

  2. Beautifully done. A shame that your mom has gone home now, but I hope you're feeling stronger day by day. CJ xx