Between the ups and downs lately of my health, I’ve had my own personal lows. Moments where it’s impossibly hard to shake the negative demons in my head. I’ve found myself turning to breathing techniques from yoga and little reminders of light and well being.

I know the power of the mind is well, powerful, but sometimes I need a bit of a reminder to use it. In the midst of this health mess I was contacted by the creators of Inspiring Your Chi and I instantly-instantly fell in love. Yes, the pieces are gorgeous, thats obvious to see– but I was also excited to learn that they were handmade right here, in south florida!

More than that, ALL their pieces are ethical sourced, they use green production, and fair-mined.  What’s fair-mined? No chemicals, no child labor, no environmental impact. Just beautiful perfection.


I’ve been wearing my Inspiring Your Chi Necklaces everyday since they’ve arrived. I’m so in love with their planet collection (which planet would you choose? I went for the moon– I’m a night owl)– which I have to tell you, the necklace is ten million times more stunning in person.

I wear at least one chakra piece everyday– but usually two.

And every single day, without fail, now wear my mama necklace. Written by Marlowe, handmade by Inspiring Your Chi. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You can personally email them if you want your own— but you know, with you’re own handwriting, not my kid’s 😉

We now have feng shui pendants adoring our home as well. Two in our room. A health and well being one hanging behind the bed. A love and relationships one to the right of our bed. And a prosperity and self-worth for Marlowe’s room. 

And my first set ever of mala beads— to hold and help calm the anxiety. 

Beautiful pieces, right? The items themselves, how they’re made, and what they stand for. Amazing. The perfect gift for someone you love– friends, family, and yourself 😉

I hope you guys are having a great week—- For me, every up is met with a corresponding down, so now, I’m working on staying up. Love you guys. Thanks for being here.

ps. the photos me and the photos of me holding the pendants were taken by local photographer, Chelsae Anne. How talented is she!?


  1. I'm looking at this website and love some of the stuff on you but I'm kind of confused by the descriptions on their website. For example: Is that a bar necklace or a quartz piece or both? I'd love to get some gifts from them and support their fairmined and handmade business but I am not sure what I'd be ordering!


  2. These (and you) are SO pretty!!! I love your sponsored posts because they're always things that I want for myself. Good job. 🙂

  3. Oh, my! Drea, where are you? I hope you are doing okay. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I wear a necklace that, in brail, says 'be present' but I'll be adding all these other items to my birthday list! The more positivity the better.

  5. The pieces are lovely, and the photos of you are gorgeous. A fantastic photographer indeed. CJ xx