Have you guys ever heard of laughing yoga? I heard about it a year or two ago while watching a documentary on India—- never did I imagine that a year later, that I would actually be IN India participating in laughing yoga… but I did. And it was ridiculous.

So what is it? Basically exactly what it sounds like, laughing while doing yoga. Or more specifically (and more times than not), it was us sitting up on our knees, laughing laughing laughing, as much as we could. In India, we finished every yoga class with laughing yoga— because, why not?! Okay to be honest, it actually caught me off guard, I thought we would experience a hell of a lot more ‘om‘-ing, but it makes sense—- laughing is equally good, if not better for your soul. During laughter your brain releases endorphins, helping to make you actually happy and less stressed. Stress is killer— I’ve experienced it, it can do gnarly things to your mood and body. Lowering your stress makes you feel better and improves your immune system. And laughing can be just as good as breathing techniques because it also helps bring oxygen to your brain and body, ya know?

I mean, I’ll be honest, it was a bit awkward— especially for me, someone who tends to be a smirker and not a loud-laugher, but as awkward as it can be— you just can’t help but laugh. And everyone laughing around you— in the loudest form, well, it makes you want to laugh harder! It also helps when your instructor has the most amazing smile on the planet. Seriously though, our instructor had the best smile I’ve ever seen. SO calming. I am convinced that if I could bring him on all airplanes with me, I would never, ever panic while flying.

But really, we laughed so hard we cried. If you haven’t laughed today, I recommend putting a little extra pressure on yourself to do it— and hey, I will try too.

If you guys are bored and want to see a video of us laughing— well, I got it on camera 😉 Not super fancy, no editing, just good ole’ laughter. 

ps. How incredibly amazingly gorgeous is this space we had our yoga classes in?! It was a bit chilly, but perfect. I wish I could live there. This gem was in my favorite hotel of the trip– I’ll be sharing photos soon— it was eye candy perfection, beauty from every angel….. like this mans smile 😉

&Speaking of amazing things, I am starting to feel better– I felt pretty amazing after acunpunture today. I just keep hoping for more good days– which seems like their coming. My gut still cannot, in any way, find balance, but other than that— I am feeling mostly better. Gut patience.

Happy tuesday, friends! Hope you laugh today. 


  1. This sounds like my kind of yoga! I'm constantly laughing at myself the whole time I'm in class anyway 😛
    I wish my yoga classroom looked like that. Wow!!

  2. I like freshly pressed carrot juice, first thing in the morning for my gut. If your gut is disturbed, it will find it hard to take the juice for the first few days but it will release a lot of toxins and you will start to feel better. Try it, if you can. It really heals you. Also, i loved seeing you laugh. it was really cute.

  3. You're right, it is a beautiful space. I think I'd struggle with laughing yoga as well, but I completely understand the principle. I'm sure it would be really good for me if I could do it! I spend a lot of time trying not to think about stress and anxiety, and the effect of laughter on the brain is really interesting. Glad you enjoyed it! CJ xx

  4. This is amazing! I'm not sure I would have the guts to try it just because I'm super awkward but who knows, maybe I'll be brave one day. And so glad you're starting to feel better and hope that it only continues.