she came to say goodbye to us. I was sad. Marlowe was sleeping. The kid does not nap, ever. Must be the new mattress. ZONK. Could not wake her. We miss you, boo.

Me, my air plants, sunflowers, and a tiny pink pineapple of course. 

so big / fake fruit.

real fruit. lots of it. we love you florida trees. 

these two. looking forward to vacation with both of them. 

long day, cozy evening. 

little moments.

The bedrooms have nice light. 

around town. 


yoga with friends. first time in a long time. I need more of this. 

movie with the ladies. 

my mom sent me this. we’re heading to worcester, MA soon. crossing my fingers for nice weather.

my ballerina. 

ps. if you have a minute and a few dollars to spare, it would mean a lot to me if you could donate a few dollars, whatever you can HERE. We all go through hard times and need a little bit of support. thank you. xoxo. So many good thoughts coming at you Mikey, you’ve got this. 


  1. Some really gorgeous photos Drea, you have cheered me up on a sad grey day. CJ xx

  2. Oooh I hope we get to see you!!! Still thinking of you daily lady!! Praying you return to 100% soon. xoxox

  3. Beautiful photos as always. So envious of all your tropical fruit! I don't know how you do it, but after all these years you're one of the few bloggers whose posts I still rush to my computer to read!