I tell myself constantly that I need to work on printing out more photos. I’ve always been such a photo girl— I have piles and piles of photos from high school, college, and after too. (I should share those, shouldn’t I?). But these days, I feel like we’re all stuck in the iPhone era of taking photos and photos without printing. I’m slowly working on changing that. Hopefully.

Anyway, you guys know those photo printing companies that are all floating around? They can be pretty great– but in my past experience, the quality is iffy at best. Not just in the photo details, but also the paper the photos are printed on— you know what I’m talking about? Tissue like paper photos, meh.Honestly, I almost turned down Crafted Prints when they asked if I wanted to work together– but I’m REALLY happy I didn’t. They impressed me— the photo quality has seriously been incomparable. They’re SO good. A nice heavier card stock with great clear photos.

On top of the ease of printing out these (good quality) memories, I’ve been wanting to do a bit more— and I’ll be honest, I’m not really a scrapbook kind of girl (anymore), but I wanted to work on a fun project with M— for us to remember these memories together. I’ve traveled quite a bit and we even did a bit of traveling this year so far– and I’m hoping to do more this year, if my body allows. So Marlowe and I got at it and took these gorgeous prints to put them into a travel memory book together. We were pleased.

For nostalgia sake, I opted for the polaroid option on Crafted Prints, but they also offer traditional squares (in different sizes) if thats more your jam. And new magnet options too— but our fridge lives in a cave, so we didn’t need that so much.

Our caribbean vacation this past January. Right pages were made by Marlowe (with a bit of help from my mom).

I’m hopeful for more travel this year. I’m hopeful to print out more gorgeous prints to add to our book.

Oh an of course I ordered the adorable photo stands (love the animal ones!). A little love around the house– one for Alex. And one for Marlowe— that she can change out as often as she likes 🙂

Anyway, no joke, these are the best quality prints I’ve come across in this online world. so if you’re looking to print out your instagram (or whatever online) photos, I’d totally recommend Crafted Prints. The quality is good good good! Promise you wont be disappointed— I definitely wasn’t!

ps. a lot of these beautiful patterned papers and quote are from the a beautiful mess- messy box. 🙂


  1. I'm a big fan of printing out photos. It's sometimes a chore to plough through them all and get them ordered, but it's absolutely lovely to be able to look back through them all, which makes it so totally worth it, especially when I see the children reliving our memories. CJ xx

  2. i love this and will look into them. i too used to always print photos out. i still have countless photo albums but am ashamed to say that Lily is now 5 and she still doesn't have a photo book. or any kind of book. she mentioned a while ago she wanted to work on a costa rica book. i should get on that. hope you're feeling better! love you