Pup food— do you guys think a lot about it? Honestly, I rarely think much of it. I mentioned it at some point or another— I used to make Jerry’s dog food— until Marlowe came around. Now there’s busy life, with loads of general work, a garden to tend to, a crafty four year old, Waylon the craziest (and cutest) pup around, and chicks now too. Needless to say, making dog food has gone down on the priority list.

So in a sea of dog food choices— how do you know what the perfect option is for your pet’s needs? Or your needs? Petbrosia makes it easy to find the best food for your dogs independent needs. For us, we need something leaner and lighter for Jerry and something more hearty for the growing power pup.

You get to make profiles for each your pets (dogs and cats) and enter in their age, sex, activity level, weight, birthday, and if they’re neutered or not— and best of all, if they have any allergies. Jerry and Waylon are pretty allergy free– but I do know a good amount of pets that suffer from unfortunate allergies (looking at you pugs)– so Petbrosia is extra perfect for them.

Petbrosia comes right to your door— delivering how many ever bags of all-natural dog food you need. Packed with proteins, fruits and veggies, carbohydrates, probiotics, mineral, vitamins, and essential oils. And when signing up for Petbrosia you get “paw points” earning you free bags of dog food, pet snacks, or even supplements. Skeptical about the good stuff? You can compare pricing and ingredients HERE


puppy eyes. 

nom nom nom. 
Want a discount? I have an AMAZING one for you! Use code OHDEARDREA to receive 50% OFF your first bag of dog or cat food! AND receive FREE shipping.

*code expires 6/30/2015, is for new customers only, and is only for one use per household.
Also, sidenote: I love that Petbrosia added a section about switching dog foods— it’s so so important to switch your dogs diet correctly to avoid stomach issues. Jerry is an easy switch for us– he can eat just about anything except table meat (yuck)— but Waylon is a bit more sensitive and we have to be cautious about his gut. 


  1. really? no comment on the hypocresy of being vegan and feeding your dog with meat

    • no, most people believe/know/think its better to feed their pets meat. I'm sure some are against it, but I'm surely not the only vegan in the world who believes in feeding their dog(s) animal protein.

  2. Hey Drea, I am placing an order now and it doesn't look like they are giving me free shipping? Do you know how to select free shipping? If it helps I'm ordering 10lbs of cat food, just once (not auto-ship). Thank you!!

  3. I'm a big believer in the best natural food for pets, they give so much, it seems only right. Dear Jerry, he's such a sweetie, give him a little belly rub from me. CJ xx

  4. Hi Drea, I always wonder, do you feed meat to your dogs? I'm vegan and I have a cat, and as far as I know cats cannot eat vegan diets. How about dogs?

    • Both cats and dogs can eat vegan food. V-Dog is a great brand for vegan pups! 🙂

    • there's mixed opinions on whether dogs/cats can or can't. I did a vegan diet for a while with jerry then stopped. Our vet warned us against it— which honestly doesn't say that much– because many doctors warn humans not to eat vegan too— claims that we'll all be anemic (we wont). We feed both our pups meat now, and probably will at least until waylon stops growing– just two be safe.