this post feels slightly repetitive, our meals haven’t been overly diverse with my own diet being so strict lately. But it’s all been (mostly) delicious, so thats good.

a black and kidney bean soup, loaded with veggies and herbs

chickpeas, cauliflower, peas, carrots, garlic, and whatever else stew. 

…… with arepas. 

cabbage and carrot coleslaw, forbidden rice, blackens, and baked plantains.
(she puts int herbs on top “to decorate”)

taking the beans and coleslaw leftovers to make a taco. there may be avocado under there too.

avocado on toast, tofu scramble, and eggs, sort of— she actually only took one or two bites and then said “I’m going to wait for our chickens eggs”
confused? see other post

indian foods. lentil fritters, saag, and aloo gobi. she actually LOVES the saag. 

this has been one of her favorites lately– a ginger turmeric broth soup with noodles and tofu—this one had rutabaga and sweet potato which is more of a fight, but we always make her choose at least one of the vegetables and eat them. 

miso ginger soup with noodles and seaweed. 

miso soup with seaweed, tofu, and carrot “noodles”

I tried to make a rutabaga mash and released it’s just not good without fatty things like butter. and pinto beans– she ate the beans. I ate the mash, meh.

tacos, forever. 


  1. These posts make me very excited for the cookbook. Will any of these recipes be in there?

  2. Nice meals, but somewhat misleading to keep the title "feeding a vegan kid" on these posts now that she's not vegan anymore…

    • nah, it's not misleading, she eats vegan 99.9 % of the time. all the meals here were vegan, with the exception of the egg pictured, that she took two bites of and didn't eat. if eggs become a regular thing, then that'd be a different story 😉

  3. I would love to cook this food for my daughter, who looks alot like yours by the way. Can you talk about how you prep meals, do you make things ahead? I have 1/2 hour to get food on the table so I get pretty stressed out about it sometimes.

    • MOST of the meals I make take about 25 minutes 🙂 my secret tip is LEFTOVERS always 🙂

  4. Your food is so gorgeous. I've been wanting to get into cooking, and this is definitely an inspiration. I want to make meals that are beautiful and healthy like this 🙂

  5. I'm so excited for my little guy to eat meals like this! You are such an inspiration <3

  6. Delicious as ever, I particularly like the look of the Indian food, yum. CJ xx