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Our favorite days are the easy, yet productive ones. You guys know where the do-do-do people. We like it that way. It’s been a bit tough to slow down on life this year—so for me, the moments that we can do happy things together as especially wonderful.

With the exception of our time in Massachusetts and mothers day, when we all ate (cardboard– vegan, gluten free, sugar free) pancakes together, we haven’t really had any good sit down morning meals together at home— or outside time together, or really much of anything. I slept through most days until Alex went to work. Marlowe has been a super star and seems older and more capable than ever. And Alex has been trying to keep the house, dogs, and yard together through it all.

But finally, one day a few weeks ago, I had an “up day” and asked if we could buy some new planters for my growing succulents to be moved outside and eat some noodles. Easy request, right? 🙂 Marlowe and I played board games (the new norm most mornings) and then we all tidied up the house a bit before heading out.

We then drove out west to the feed store for chicken food, a quick grocery run, and stopped at T.J. Maxx for planters (where I buy at least 90% of them)— and a bird house too, because a storm had knocked down my yellow one. And I was admittedly more sad than I should be for a broken birdhouse— but I was happy to find a teal one 😉 We all enjoy T.J. Maxx runs— I did it often growing up with my mom, and now I like to go with my family to set out to find bright planters, general garden and home goods, and table settings (ohhh how many things I bought for the cookbook!). And without even searching, I found the coolest noodle bowls– perfect for a noodle day, right? Now we have two big bowls for big appetites and two smaller, similar, but different ones for smaller appetites 😉

&happy yellow planter to also make up for my yellow loss 😉 

Lately we have to adjust meals for my taste– and not Marlowes. Simple flavors, softer food, anything easy on the gut. Noodles is a good pick because we just make everything as we regularly would– miso-ginger broth, lightly boiled veggies, seaweed, and then all we have to do is make an extra set of buckwheat noodles for me— while Alex and Marlowe share rice noodles. Oh and they get tofu— but no soy allowed for me– which I’m honestly okay with. I like it, but I don’t love or crave it. I’m not sure if the piece on the right is placemat, table decor, or what, but I fell in love with it and we’re using it on the table. Alex also suggested we could hang it on the wall, which definitely make sense— both that and the table cloth made me think of and miss india, so naturally, I bought them 😉 

chopstick holding bowls for the win! 

We spent the rest of the day re-potting succulents into our new larger, outdoor planters and taking it easy. A good family day for sure. Easy and productive days always and forever.

We had a great weekend up here. Hope you guys did too <3

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  1. It looks like things are starting to look up for you, Drea – I'm so happy for you! Take it easy, relax, and enjoy your TJ Maxx… I know I always do 🙂

    ~ Samantha

  2. I buy many of my "talavera" type pots at TJ Maxx. Love them! They add such great color to my garden.

  3. It sounds like a perfect day. I'm glad you were well enough to have a good day like this. It's lovely to do a little pottering in the garden isn't it. I've been doing the same here, now and again, tidying, planting, watering. Wonderful summer. CJ xx