I spent a majority of my life arguing about socks. I’ve never been much of a sock person until this past year. Now I have major sock love, but previously? There were some serious battles between my mother and I about sock wearing. I preferred bare feet in our (really cold) Massachusetts home and even in winter boots– even in the snow! But now in my super old age (sarcasm), I’ve learned the beauty of (cozy) socks! Last year when we did this trip north, I ended stealing a pair of socks from Lisa (IOU) and wearing them for the rest of the trip— now I know its important to prepare for my own feet-comfort and travel with socks— I brought a decent variety to Massachusetts this time around. I’ve also learned there are big difference in different types of socks. I think this is where I failed for the majority of my life. Ill-fitting and ill-made socks wont make my feet happy— they want to be comfortable or naked. I mean, I guess the same goes for all my wardrobe choices– so this concept should have been common sense from the beginning.

I’m excited to team up with Bombas during this month– not only because my feet are 100% happier, but also because they are such an awesome give-back company. For every sock purchased, Bombas donates a pair to someone in need. Over 300,000 pairs (!!) have been donated since launching the company in 2013! (amazing).  And with socks being one of the number one requests at homeless shelters, well, thats pretty damn awesome.

I handed Alex a few pairs of socks and excitedly said, “here, socks!” and he sort of side eyed me. He’s been a sock-less man lately and stated he wouldn’t be wearing socks on the trip— I think he wanted to slowly kill me with the stench of his feet. Then one chilly day (yes, it’s actually been chilly here), he put on the socks and BAM, he was hooked. He wore them almost everyday since then (and his feet started smelling a lot better). They are com-for-tab-le!

So besides the give-back nature of Bombas, what makes them so amazing for typically sock-hating people like me? Well, good technology, thats for sure. There’s no annoying line that goes across your toe, there’s a comfort tab in the back of the calf socks so you don’t get those annoying blisters on the back of your feet-ankle area, the fabric is extra soft like a baby’s butt, and their just cushy in all the right places (similar to a baby’s butt as well).

And my absolute favorite comfort factor? Bombas stay in place!!! Omg, I cannot emphasis this enough. They don’t slip down and get stuck in your boots or sneakers. I’m not sure how they did it, but they actually perfected socks that stay in place! One of my all time biggest pet-peeves is droopy socks— not just on me, but on anyone. Weird, I know, I don’t care, but it seriously drives me nuts to see droopy socks. Thank you droop-free socks. Phew.

So if I haven’t convinced you that these are the most comfortable socks ever– then I don’t know man. Either way, you can rest assured that there is a 100% happiness guarantee. If you order a pair and think “Drea was tripping, she knows nothing about socks” and don’t love them, you get a complete refund on your order, no problem.  (You’ll love them). And remember, for every pair you buy, someone in need gets one too! Win, win, win.

Get 20% off your entire order by clicking HERE. Hooray! 

ps. They now offers solid colors (I need the black the black, grey, and blue to match my wardrobe) and they also have limited edition fourth of july socks! (cute!) Oh and they have kids ones too! 


  1. I am a sock-wearer. Not all the time but especially when I want to be comfy or when I feel really ill. These look so good and I wish they were available in India. Will take a look at their site 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn't realize socks were the #1 request at homeless shelters. What an awesome company! Thanks for sharing!! x