mango and lychee season

many mornings. 

other mornings. 

the day she left me. she reminds me of a potato.

little sad bunny and her puppy. 

dates with them.
her art.
new little friends. 
choosing her outfit. 
a good day out— made a new friend.
from our brunchday
jerry looks happy. 
my snuggle bunny and her snuggle bunny
marlowe made me this— i’d say it’s not a coincidence that there is a pizza sticker in the middle of the heart. 
not a great picture, but too cute not to share—-
Alex and I woke up to the sound of things moving in the kitchen— drawers closing, bowls moving, the fridge and such. We walked out to mind marlowe— cooking. Making a salad to be specific. She made a dressing (see the vinegar and vegan mayo) and had a bunch of chopped peppers and chopped (and peeled!) carrots in a bowl. She told us she was making the salad for Alex— but a few minutes later was dipping all the carrots in her dressing and eating them. Alex later ate the dressed peppers and said the dressing was actually really good! And  later Marlowe revealed that she cut the carrots with her teeth because her kid knife wouldn’t cut them! haha! 
These photos are obviously not super recent— the last batch of favorite pictures before heading north <3<3 Lots of New England Pictures to come. Anyway, I hope you guys all had a great week. This week started off great then hit a rocky few days— but its part of the process. I do have more up days than down days now, so that is a huge bright side. Sorry for the overload of sponsored posts this week— I do try to space them out a bit more, but things got a bit thrown off around here with so much time away. I hope you guys enjoyed them anyway! I personally thought it was a good mix— but maybe I’m biased? And the socks really are the most comfortable things— I’m wearing the high ones now.  I have a ton of photos to share, and even two recipes too! Super simple recipes, but recipes nonetheless! Hooray! Have a great weekend friends. Thanks for being here <3


  1. oh my heavens! Marlowe is so adorable. cutting the carrots with her teeth. well it works! 🙂
    potato? hihihi so funny
    your living area is so well kept. how do you clean your spaces? could you please do a post on that? so well organized? I can never get it right for the life of me.
    Marlowe's beginning to get so independent 🙂 Signs of parenting well done.

    Yaaaay, will wait for your recipes and other posts. 🙂

  2. Love that veranda, I would happily spend an afternoon lying there. Sweet little knitted rabbit, I see he is very loved. Glad there are more good days than not good days now. Have a lovely weekend Drea. CJ xx