I’d say it’s pretty extraordinary to dream up a magical off beaten path adventure and follow through with it. It’s even more extraordinary when you get to do with some of the raddest chicks across the globe— meeting some of the most amazing people you would have never otherwise been able to meet. Off the bat I knew I wanted my India trip to have a big focus on artisans and handicrafts. Meet the maker— in the truest sense. And I’m so pleased that we were able to accomplish this. I mean, that’s what above the clouds prides themselves in, the true accessibility that is otherwise pretty rare in typical travel. I’m so grateful that this little piece was part of our itinerary— that I could not only take home this experience but also the fun of learning a new hobby I can do in my free time. Tie-dying future cat lady self– here I come!

There was a big language barrier on the more rural parts of the trip. But we were lucky to have my favorite person ever, Rubina to help translate (and take many of these photos, thanks girl! LOVE YOU!) And  for this beginning leg, we had one of my absolute favorite guides, Dinesh (he knows FIVE languages!) to explain the process, translate, and help me tie a few extra knots in my scarf.

We also had the experience of having a few mischievous older boys saying– well, who knows what, but doing what tween boys do best: making inappropriate comments that we couldn’t really understand. But let’s be honest, I’m old enough to not understand what tween boys are saying— even in english. The women teaching us were kind, but rigid— and not scared to grab the scarves right out of my hand to show me exactly what I was doing wrong— though it seemed that everyone who grabbed my scarf away had their own personal way of tying each piece— so maybe my way was right too 😉 The family also thought it was quite funny, that what takes them 10-15 minutes to do, took us each about an hour, haha. But hey, we’re newbies! But Raha and I were diligent in making sure our scarves would be finished! And they were—- mostly, just months later when she came to visit me in florida. (packing mine for california, Raha. Buy dye for us)

It’s truly amazing to learn about each families specific trade/company. To know that this family has been doing this for generations among generations. I love it. I hope these types of things never disappear— that we can all see the importance in supporting our hardworking handmade craftsmen.

A woman even stopped me in the street to show me what I was ‘doing wrong’– haha. No need to share a language, a grab and demonstration and laugh will get the point across 😉 

I hope you guys are having a great week. It’s been a rough one over here for me. I thought for sure I wouldn’t feel bad again, but it hit. Just trying to stay as positive as I can, though honestly, I’m quite bummed about it. I’m off to take a hot bath, mediate, then try to dream about all the awesome things in life— things like this specific, tie-dying day.

ps. speaking of awesome and good things, there’s an upcoming trip to Nepal this october if you guys are interested in joining. It’s a bit different than the india trip I put together, but equally awesome– with a focus on yoga and trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas. You can check out more info about the trip: HERE. It’s a great way to not only experience Nepal, and have a once in a lifetime experience, but to also give a bit back after their recent earthquake. Check out the page and request an itinerary or email directly if you’re interested 🙂 Tell Lisa I sent you and I want dimsum. K?

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  1. You did India so so right. Can you really do it wrong though? Such a gorgeous place with an amazing sense of culture. I can't wait to go.