One of my favorite things about Massachusetts (New England in general) in summer time are the drives. I’ll be honest, I haven’t left the house that much in my time here— but on the days I have, my favorite moments have involved car rides, little road side stops, and farms. I feel good in the car— not behind the wheel just yet, but I’ve really enjoyed my time being in the passenger seat on sunny days.

One of the main things that Florida lacks are the tree covered streets dotted with farms and homes selling backyard garden produce on the side of the road. Well, wait, no, I mean, there is one guy just down the street from us who sells coconut trees in his drive way, but it’s just a different vibe you know? Not a bad vibe—- I obviously love our tropical vibe, but I really do love New England in summer. I love that it often feels normal here to knock on someones front door and ask them if they have eggs or produce available. And I love all the animals too. It’s rare to see farm animals near us unless you drive a good thirty minutes west— where most of our farms are. I mean, I can’t complain, and I’m not complaining, because I wouldn’t live in Massachusetts again (or anywhere with a cooler temp). I love it here in summer, but the winters scare me endlessly. So for now, I’ve loved the drives that I wont get back home– and I’m looking forward to going home and having the things I’ve missed while up here.

Another big perk of being up here this summer has been reuniting with my friend Alana. I mean, she only moved away from me about three months ago— but it’s been nice to have her only a four hour bus ride from my mom’s home. The girl is so different than me in so many ways, but we laugh endlessly at the same stupid things— and that’s been good for me. And it’s been good for M too. They love each other— and they love being ridiculous and posing every.single.time. I pull out a camera. Which is fine, I don’t need regular pictures of or with them— I can just have ten million photos of their backs or them posing (I guess). Ridiculous picture posing aside, it’s good to have people to share my stupid humor with.

oh look, posing again // her dress is from here


cow selifies.

(I think he’s eating your (my) shirt, Alana)

my buddy.

we asked around for eggs and were pointed in the direction of this home with a small sign outside telling us they had eggs. We stopped in, I knocked on the door and we got to make friends with all the goats. we were obviously all obsessed—

we’re friends. I mean, who doesn’t love a good goat? GOAT SELFIES.

99 problems but a goat in a garbage can ain’t on. 

But in all (non animal selfie) seriousness, I love seeing Marlowe in this environment. It feels like home. Not just here in Ma, but in general, she seems so at place surrounded by happy farm animals. I wish I could give her more of that all the time. I mean, who doesn’t seem happy around adorable farm animals? We all do. Or most of us anyway, right? It’s so great to watch this kid grow up into who she is. After a year of proclaiming she is going to be a fashion designer, she changed her mind this month. She wants to be a veterinarian. I mean, it’ll change a million times before she grows up I’m sure, but I think that sounds perfect. I spent the good first quarter of my life saying the same thing– I’m glad she’s taken to animals and farms and the outdoors like I have. She fits in perfectly.

I’m off to sleep now– I should have been asleep hours ago, but I’m grateful for this summer time with the windows open and the breeze coming in. And now that I’m feeling almost completely human, I’m looking forward to hopefully having at least a few more carefree, map-free drives before I go 🙂

I hope you guys are having a great week.

*this post is sort of all over the place, but animal selfies and posing sort of brings it all together, right?  😉 


  1. Soo pretty!!! I really need to take a roadtrip through New England one day!

  2. so glad you've felt well enough to get out a bit and enjoy the scenery. long drives without a destination are the best. relaxing but also stimulating. hope you start having more good days drea. ciao! hillary

  3. It looks like a wonderful part of the world, very green and productive. I always like to find local produce for sale at the farm/house gate. We tend to have eggs, seasonal fruit and veg, jam and flowers for sale round here. It's nice to go of on our bikes and see what we come home with. CJ xx