I’m a hairy girl. Like, a really hairy girl. Like, I got made fun of in school for my hairy legs and arms. Like, my mom gave me a haircut the day I came home from the hospital because she thought I looked weird for having so much hair (she was used to the blonde american baby looks). Yikes. My first waxing experience was at home— on my arms and on my happy trail. This was a bad idea. Why I thought it would be a good idea to wax myself in junior high, I don’t know. Don’t try this at home, kids. My first legs waxing experience— I was 15 and going to my boyfriend’s senior prom (I never went to my own— you know, too cool for school). I was shaking and freaking out— I did not fair well. And I vowed to not wax again for a long, long time if ever.

But in this sick mess, my motivation to stay smooth has been slim to none, it’s just too much work to keep up with on the daily basis. And my hate for hair on my legs is still strong. Did I mention that? I HATE when my legs are not smooth. I have no issues for the people who prefer to go au natural (and let’s be honest, alex is a hairy beast), but I can’t stand to feel stumble on myself. So when my local European Wax Center reached out to me about being an ambassador and getting some things waxed, I said yes. I figured, I’m a big girl now (you know, it’s been about 15 years) so I should probably give this a go again. Walk in, get waxed, don’t have to think or worry about hair on my body everyday. Win. And I think it helps/helped that everyone at EWC that I’ve met and talked to were some of the nicest people ever.

Hey hairy before brows (woof). // hey smooth lady.

Best part of all? I didn’t die. Or cry. And I left with fancy brows and a smoother body and realizing, I’m a big kid now and waxing is a pretty rad option— when you’re lazy, in summer, and all the time. It’s easy, inexpensive, and just one less thing you’ll have to worry about each day. Win all around.

Want to get waxed for free? Head to your local European Wax Center (you can make an appointment online first, probably the smart idea) and tell them Drea sent you. AKA, code word DREA to get your first waxing free!

If you’re local (to Florida) check out the sweet folks at the Boynton Beach or Royal Palm centers! You won’t be disappointed. The Boyton one has the best vietnamese place next to it and the Royal Palm one is next to Home Goods— so like, they’re both a great idea.

Boynton Beach:
1000 N CONGRESS AVE #130  
(561) 734-4200

Royal palm Beach:
11021 SOUTHERN BLVD , 160 
(866) 439-6200

Woo! smooth body love! go this weekend! Happy friday, friends!

*photos in florida by chelsae anne


  1. Is that the one in Westborough? I started going there a few months ago and it's like the bazillionth place I've tried and the first ones to do a good job! And I love that they use beeswax.

  2. Gosh I know how you feel. I literally feel like I shave in the morning and by the evening I need to do it all over again… It's just too much. I'm not in Florida but I'm gonna look for similar places up here near me!

  3. I remember kids in elementary school pointing out my bushy brows. I was devesteade. I got them waxed for so long, it really wasn't soo bad but I haven't done it in years. I've never thought about getting my legs done..I could see myself doing that. How long does it last? I really hate shaving.
    Leah Faye
    Lavender & Clover

    • almost every time I look at my brows I think "why did I ever over pluck them?" bushy brows are a blessing.

      length of time is different for everyone! my hair grows FAST– while my moms grows SLOW— and it also depends on what you get waxed and how often you get waxed. Eventually it really slows down!

  4. I love the EWC! I just had an appointment yesterday! Their wax doesn't make me break out…love it! I'm thinking of getting my legs and arms done…..(I currently shave my arms! ugh!)

    • I used to shave my arms— I gave up on it. I let them stay hairy now– but if I do want them hair free again, I would def just wax and skip the shaving. I can't imagine doing that everyday again.