If you guys have been following me for a while, then you know Alex proposed to me here in massachusetts. I mean, he proposed twice, because there was a mess of crap that happened in-between– but sometimes thats life. And sometimes you have to work through the mess to get to the good stuff, you know? But anyway, the first time he proposed, well, that was here in Massachusetts.

And two years later, we spent a good whole day driving around– trying to find that same spot. After a few hours of mindless (but enjoyable) driving, we came back home unsuccessful. I mean, how does one find a completely random house that has a small blueberry farm in the backyard? Well, apparently: by chance. Twice.

Sometimes things just work out. And sometimes they don’t. In the midst of all this health crap (or should I call it illness crap?), well, I was lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon this place that meant so much to us. I hate the fact that I’ve been in and out of doctors visits for months now (who wouldn’t?) but I do appreciate the fact that if it weren’t for these visits, I probably would have never found this spot again.

A bit of love and good feelings in this time.

Since finding the spot, I’ve memorized the directions exactly— with my markers being nothing more than “right at the fork in the woods” and a few “when you find a blinking light, turn”— because, who has signs in the middle of the woods? Well, who needs them anymore— I don’t.

I hope this family— whoever they are— sells their blueberries for a long, long time. And I hope that next time we visit Massachusetts, we can all come here together— Alex, marlowe, and myself. I’m looking forward to finally being able to show Marlowe this sweet little spot. And I hope she enjoys it as much as Alex and I have.

I left a note in the payment jar (with blueberry payment too) with my six year old hand-writing. 

Anyway, I hope this serves as a little happy reminder that sometimes good things come out of bad experiences. I know it did for me.  A pleasant moment of serendipity.

You can see our first (engagement) visit HERE— with my short hair and bushy eyebrows in all their glory.

Happy friday, everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!

(love you babe. see you soon.)


  1. It's the little things 🙂 I'm happy you had a lovely day out and the note was a special touch!
    ~ Samantha