Just popping in to say ‘hey hey.’ I was feeling a bit under the weather again yesterday and some of this past week— the reassuring (though not great thing) is that I haven’t been alone in it. Seems miss M and my mom have been fighting off something too. Which obviously isn’t great news, but at least I know it’s just my immune system battling back and not whatever else. My friend Katie and her boyfriend Marcus took a summer time sick hit last week too. And Alex— all the way in florida– even came down with something nasty too. I told him, I’m fighting it off from too facetime with his sick face haha.

I don’t think I’ll actually get sick— or Marlowe or my mom too, I’ve been pumping vitamin C into our bodies like crazy this month. My body is extra sensitive now though and any little jab and my body tells me ‘BED NOW’. The plan for today is emails, a hot hot bath, and whatever other activities Marlowe wants to do. I’m just enjoying as much quiet time indoors as I can lately. Open windows, decent weather air, and all that jazz before heading back to the heat and AC of Florida.

Oh and before I go, if you guys haven’t seen the movie The Book Of Life, Marlowe and I watched it yesterday. It was so adorable! I don’t know why it took us so long to watch it. I totally recommend it. I haven’t liked a movie (kids or otherwise) that much in a while 🙂

Well, I’m off for my morning oatmeal and tea. Have a wonderful tuesday, friends! I still have a whole weeks of post coming your way– I just wanted to come say hi in the meantime 😉 


  1. I hope you're feeling better now. A hot bath and a quiet day sounds like a great plan. Hugs, CJ xx

  2. aww boo! I'm sorry you're feeling sick again! I'm finally 100% back feeling/eating/yoging normal again. I plan on going to gentle restorative yoga again tomorrow night if you're interested- let me know! (I would text you all of this but you should (&BETTER) be sleep. love you & connie & marlowe xoxo

  3. My son absolutely loved The Book of Life as well. We saw it at the cinema and he was completely enchanted by it!! He often will bring out his action figures and pretend they are Maria, Joaquin, and Manola! So cute!

  4. Hi Drea:) Always enjoy your updates.. Sounds like you're all taking good care:) Thanks for the movie rec., sounds like a good one!

  5. That's too bad you and everyone around you is coming down with something. I think it's just that time of year. My girls are just getting over a cold, it seems to be going around. get better soon 🙂

  6. Feel well soon! And, we watch the Book of Life on repeat every day! We were late to the game with getting around to seeing it, but once we did it has become our go-to movie.