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A few weeks ago we headed out west to the beautiful Berkshires. You know, growing up, I assumed the only thing that was out that way (west) was Amherst College and ska venues. Seems accurate, right? Sure. Now that I’ve grown up (maybe a little) and left this state and came back, I’ve quickly realized how much more to western MA there really is. And I’m grateful to get to explore it a bit each time we come up this way. Last time we headed west to the Berkshires was two summer ago (where has the time gone?)— just me, Alex, and the cutest little apple picking marlowe. It was chilly and more fall like then, but still beautiful.

This time we had a true Massachusetts summer vibe— warm sun, big green trees, farmers markets, and just an overall beautiful day. And this time, instead of handsome (facial hair having) Alex, I had my other boyfriend, (a non facial hair having) Alana. We drove straight to Stockbridge MA to visit the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, lit a candle, said a little prayer, and spent a good amount of time exploring the beautiful grounds.

Afterwards we headed back east towards the town of Lee. I was excited to find a place that not only ad a ton of vegan options, but also gluten free ones as well— as was oh so very grateful to actually find menu items that fit into my strict new diet. The place was called the Starving Artist Creperie and Cafe, if you guys ever visit the area. I hope to return to it one day— when my personal menu is more varied and I can try (ten million) more crepes.

Afterwards we walked down to the farmers market where we picked up some honey and a gift for Alex (a handmade bread board) before heading home. It was great—- not as amazing as the Brattleboro market (omg, must visit again) but still adorable. The whole (very tiny) town was straight out of a scene from Gilmore Girls— which I loved growing up— though I still can’t figure out if I’m team Jess or team Dean, but whatever. I tried to re-watch the show not to long ago and I couldn’t sit through it– so I guess I’ll never fully decide. ANYWAY, Marlowe and I head back to Florida in two weeks, and I have a lot of thoughts about it— my mind is sort of roaming everywhere these days– but I guess I can’t complain, because at least it’s (mostly) working, ya know? I’m hoping to sit and type through all my thoughts when I’m slightly more awake and coherent 😉

I hope you guys are having an amazing summer. It’s crazy that August is almost here. It feels like I was packing to leave to India not that long ago– but looking back, that’s over 5 months ago now! And September will show up before we know it.

<Insert Dashboard Confessional so long sweet summer song. >

Ska, gilmore girls, and dashboard confessional references… all in one post? I should clock out and go to bed….. I hope you guys have a sunny and warm week 😉 


  1. You had me at so long sweet summer and Gilmore Girls. #TeamJess but older mature, Jess that started his own printing company.

  2. Love the colored bricks too, and I have the same exact hat! Isn't it the comfiest? Also, team Jess all the way (the later-episodes Jess anyways hah)

  3. awww I love the Berkshires. I taught at Lee High School for 3 years. Love that cute little town!