I meant to write more posts last week— happy thoughts, daily thoughts, whatever. I think the brain fog gets me more than I realize. The whole week slipped by without me noticing– but I’m alive. Had a lot of weird symptoms last week pop up again– the heart palpitations are always scariest— though I know my heart is (or should be) fine. Still creepy though, you know? Anyway, I’m still not well, but still better than my worse. Working on the keepin’ on keepin’ on— you know. This might sound vain, or weird, but theres often been days in this process where I look at my hair and think “well, thats still doing well, so I must be doing something right.” Right?So let’s talk about hair again, shall we? If you missed my first post, How To Grow Natural Healthy Hair, I’d highly recommend checking it out. I mean, I’m obviously biased, but I think theres a ton of useful tips on how to keep really healthy hair, naturally (bye chemicals, you suck). So I touched a bit on oils (fats) in my last post, and keeping the natural oils on your hair too— but let’s talk a bit more about that too.

So, our grandmas were right about some stuff. Did your grandma sleep on satin pillows? It wasn’t because they were cozy and soft (they’re sort of not), but because it helps reduce the friction your hair has to suffer through at night. Tossing and turning, you’re doing all sorts of unintentional damage to your hair. And your face— less creases less problems, but thats another story. I personally would never want to sleep on a satin pillow— but that might be just me. So whats another way to keep the natural oils on your hair (and off your pillow)? Well, Grace Eleyae, genius women created SLAPS (satin lines caps).

The concept is so easy, but so brilliant— a cap, lined with satin, to lock your natural hair oils in. On the outside, soft cotton. To protect your hair in the evening and/or to hide unwashed hair outside.

Why this is brilliant: I personally NEVER tie up my hair to bed. Because it gives a major headache and because I feel like I’m rolling around on the knot all night. I used to wear a cotton turban, which works fine, but it doesn’t keep my natural oils locked in.— this cap just makes more sense.

make it last.
The caps also keep hair tangles at bay. And one the few occasions when I actually blow dry my hair to look nice– the cap maintains the hairstyle to last longer than it otherwise would. And it gives you the advantage of covering up your hair if you’ve gone a few days too many without washing— giving your hair a often needed break. Less tangles, less brushing, less washing, happy head.

The caps come in a variety of colors— I chose grey (because I don’t know how to choose other colors).

kind and gentle. 
It’s always a good idea to be kind to your hair. Besides the general softer, more natural approach, hair needs to not be abused. You want to keep healthy oils inside your body and outside your body. Stripping your hair of natural oils wont make it less greasy. Working with your body own natural functions helps to promote natural oil levels.

No over-brushing, no tight hair pulling hairstyle (loose braids are where its at), and only the occasional brushing— I use a wooden bristle brush, once every few days (unless otherwise necessary). When I need to tie my hair up even more, I slide it under a cap or use a no slip grip clip.

kind and gentle drying.
besides the obvious ‘heat therapies are bad for your hair’ you can even take it a step further by skipping the rough towel drying. If you must towel dry your hair, choose a softer towel or even an old t-shirt to get rid of extra moisture. This way you’re not breaking up your poor hair follicles.

oil your head, not everything else. 
one thing that’s great to do is leave a hair mask on your hair through the night or day. Simply apply a few tablespoons of coconut or olive oil to your hands and rub throughout hair. Cover your head with the satin lined cap and sleep well, knowing you’re not getting oil all over your pillows. side note: I really want to get one for alex to wear so he can stop getting his pomade all over our pillows. Good idea, right?

And that’s it! Tips on keeping your hair looking and feeling good—even when you don’t 😉

Want to buy a Satin Lined cAPS? Use code “ohdeardrea” to get 10% off your order!

Okay, I’m off to read in bed. I hope everyone had a good week and weekend. Tomorrow I’m putting together a post inspired by all you guys— thank you again, endlessly for all your love. You’ve made this tough time so much better and more inspiring <3<3

photos in florida home taken by chelsae anne


  1. Hi Drea! I love this post! What a brilliant idea to have a satin cap instead of a pillowcase. I'm for sure checking that out. I have a question for you: Do the roots of your hair ever get oily? If so how do you manage it so that you only have to wash once a week? I would love to stretch mine out, but the roots get oily around day 3 and start to smell a bit. I really hate dry shampoos bc they always leave me with weird texture in my hair, and whitish powder (not cool when you have dark hair!). Any advice would be much appreciated!

  2. Hey Drea, so I asked my mom about the disease the lady that I lived with in India had for a few years just incase it helps because it sounds similar to what you are suffering with its called Giardiasis. Just in case it helps.

    • ah okay, no giardia here— THANKFULLY. That was def a fear when I got back– but they tested me for that with the c diff. test. Thank you for asking!

  3. You're seriously so gorgeous and so incredible for doing this post. I know you're not feeling like yourself these days but this post/your voice sound like your usual self. I know this post took a lot of effort and energy, major kudos to you. Also, your Natural Hair PT. 1 is one of my favorite "classic" posts of yours. You're pretty, miss you. xoxo

  4. Just ordered two. I have never been one to wear hats, but these look like they are good for my hair (at night) and I think I might even use them during the day. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Oh, also! I meant to say that my beautiful stepmom has just been diagnosed with horrible stomach bacteria (after MONTHS of looking for answers) – she was also slim to begin with, and it's made her really unwell too. So I've sent her your recipe from last week and she loved it. Glad you're feeling a bit better – we'll be looking forward to more recipes when you're up it!!

  6. I'm currently growing my hair out again (I also had the urgent need to chop postpartum – what's that about?? Hacked off like 11 inches of healthy hair.), and really need to up my game to get through this awkward phase. Great idea!


  7. Where has this been all my life!? Just ordered mine today (a red one). I plan on calling myself a nighttime elf.

  8. Thanks for the idea, Drea! I've been working a lot on my hair health – eating more healthy fats, spacing my washings out, brushing gently, taking biotin…and even did nopoo last September (Thanks to you!). It's been growing well so far but I'll admit, I often sleep in a bun or pony tail just to keep it from getting crazy overnight. I'll have to give this a shot!
    ~ Samantha

  9. Quick question, so you don't really put all your hair under the cap at night, just the scalp? How does it protect the rest of your hair? Also, how does it stay on at night when tossing and turning if it's satiny inside? I'm intrigued! Thanks. 🙂

    • for bed, yeah, it makes sense to wrap it up inside the hat. I just wanted to 'sleep pretty' for the post 😉 but typically I would twist it like putting up a bun, but then just tuck it in. for staying put, there's an elastic band between the lawyers to keep it secure!