looking for antique gems… found one, bought one, it’s waaay to big to fit in a suitcase. 

window scenes. 

hey booger. 

gorgeous days. 

when alex comes to visit during mango season….


cutest garden shop.

well, thats one way to do it. 

stuff and stuff.


my dinner dates…. a nice pair (x2)

love her forever. despite everything, this kid has had a great summer. 

haven’t done one of these posts in a while. and these are obviously a bit older, as Alex isn’t here right now, but hey, thats okay! still enjoyed! have a great weekend, friends! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, it's always good to slow down and appreciate the little things 🙂 I hope this finds you doing well and healing!
    ~ Samantha

    • I agree, it's very different 🙂 I prefer my tropical one, but this one is a good change 😉

  2. You have a wonderful talent of capturing the moment and telling a story with your pics. Wishing you more and more good days and a full recovery!

    xoxo Miriam