Welp, marlowe is off to school next week. Which is sort of ridiculous. I’m trying not to keep cool about it and reminding myself it’s only pre-school and not kindergarten. Though really, she may as well be off to kindergarten, and would be if it weren’t for a few week difference in her birthday. I’m happy and sad about it and I ask her just about every day if she would prefer to not go to school and just stay home and eat ice-cream with me…. but she always declines. Fair enough, we don’t really eat ice cream anyway.

Even though I’m going to miss the crap out of her and Alex will rarely see her, there’s a lot of obvious perks about her heading off to school. One, she’s going to love it. Two, I get to prep cute little school lunches. Three, we get to procrastinate until the last minute and then get her a ton of really awesome school supplies. Who doesn’t love those things? Ya know?

Here’s a cute and colorful (of course) collection of back to school goods from Zazzle. This is probably my third (?) time writing about Zazzle— the set is great because you can customize just about anything and everything. I typically find lots of items I enjoy anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to stick bright patterns or Waylon’s face on an item 😉

1. heart tote
2. hello sunshine notebook
3. backpack
4. pencil case
5. pineapple binder + bohemian binder

And right now Zazzle is having a huge back to school sale! You can check out their back to school section and get 10% off all orders and up to 45% off all backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, and a ton of other school supplies! Just use discount code: READY4SCHOOL at checkout. (Sale ends saturday.)


But seriously, I’m geeky excited for school lunches and cute school supplies. 


  1. awww! I remember those early years. Your daughter is going to LOVE it! Now my daughter is starting high school next week!! I'm nervous but actually holding myself together much better than I expected. Good luck with everything!! PS that puppy pencil pouch is AMAZING!!!

  2. Oh that pencil case, absolutely ADORABLE. I have a serious notebook addiction as well, so I'm always in my element when September rolls around. I'm sure Marlowe will have a wonderful time at school, although it's a big adjustment for you isn't it. Wishing all of you all the best with this new phase. CJ xx