This week has been off to a good start— like expected, Marlowe had a great first day at school. When I went to pick her up she ran up and told me how much fun she had. It doesn’t get better than that 🙂 I have the most intense body aches again— but I’m hoping they magically pass sooner rather than later– so that Alex and I can enjoy more of this new time together.

But anyway, I read the most interesting book this summer— and with it, I found the most beautiful blog! And now I’m completely obsessed with Scientology— it’s um, fascinating to say the least. ANYWAY, I don’t want you to think this is a post about Scientology— it’s not (and I wont become a Scientologist)– but instead, this post is actually about my new blog love: Wayward Daisy. You can read (the super short version of) Jenna’s story in her about section…. but I can tell you more– because I’ve already read her entire memoir— and how she left scientology….. and then I googled the crap out of scientology immediately afterward and maybeeee her too (I’m creepy, sorry Jenna). But if you’re interested in Scientology– maybe you can just read her book, because really, her blog doesn’t talk about it all that much— or at least not in the time I discovered it.

But her blog is beautiful– and full of light and color— which I’m obviously partial too. And I think you guys might be too 😉 And for me, it’s interesting to look at after reading her entire story to see what life was like before and now after. And spoiler alert: she’s really cool.

oh and she makes the cutest things! you can check out Jenna’s small shop HERE.

and those are some cute blonde children!

and I’ve found the best book suggestions via her blog— I have four in my amazon cart right now to get for myself and for miss Marlowe’s upcoming birthday.

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and maybe I’m biased…. because she totally linked my blog in this one (thank you, Jenna!) but:
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Okay guys! I’m off with a small to do list of things to accomplish (very small— like, super super small) since I’ve overworked myself this week. I hope you guys are all having a great week. <3<3

(thank for linking my blog and helping me find you, jenna. and thanks for not being creeped out when I asked for more resources to learn more about scientology! <3<3)


  1. Eek! I need to read that book! I have a similar fascination with Scientology. I spent a summer in Clearwater, FL (aka. Scientology mecca) working a job, where my fascination began. The downtown really weirded me out, mostly because of all the Scientology followers walking around (such weird vibes those people send out!) And if you try to talk to them, they don't look you in the eye and act all brainwashed. Then they try to convince you to go get audited. So naturally, I had to visit the Scientology headquarters (so umm….in retrospect, maybe not the safest?) where I was weirded out even more, thus forever cementing my fascination.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Drea, her photos are beautiful, I shall read more. I hope your pain passes soon and that things improve for you. So glad that Marlowe had a great day at school. The start of many happy adventures I think. CJ xx