So yesterday, I went against my own set rules and didn’t put a cut even though the post contained (what I thought) was a bit too many photos… it was fine, we all lived, no one died, the internet didn’t break. But this post has even more photos… and so here we are, back in cut land. I tried to narrow it down, but honestly, these photos are just so beautiful and this whole experience meant so much to me, I couldn’t cut it down enough 😉 I really, really hope to be able to meet with this amazingly kind couple again and eat their amazing food again (so hungry now) <3<3 If you don’t click over, no worries I get it, have a wonderful thursday, friends!

this magical wooden doorway with my amazing magical brittany. I get to see her again in a short few days. We’re going to redecorate an apartment together, do a lot of yoga, and maybe sit in a bleeding hut together. overshare? sorryyyy.

Another gorgeous haveli.

We often too buses back and forth to our destinations, but this day we went to a very special haveli, on a smaller path that a bus could not fit. We were dropped off and walked our way to the building of one of the sweetest couples I’ve met. We walked up a flight of stairs and made our way to the rooftop of this beautiful haveli, where our dining area and cooking lessons would be. The owners were the owners of the building, and welcomed us into their property with open arms and preparations for the most delicious recipe and meals.

There were multiple occasions while I was in India where Iw would meet someone and think “I know you. I’ve met you before.” It happened over and over again. These deep connections I could feel it in my gut— it’s hard to explain, and maybe sounds crazy. I knew deep down that it was impossible for me to have met these people before, but it was still such a nice feeling to have. Meeting this couple was no exception– I felt like I had seen and met them before.

I could be wrong, but I do swear I saw my college marine affairs teacher, Aarti at the airport when I arrived in New Dehli. It could have been the 12 hour jet lag and 15 hours of travel, but I swear it was him. Anyway, back to this amazing experience.

Alex looked at this photo and goes “what is this? a photo of the three nations?”
The half Nepali, the half Colombian, and the Iranian 😉

I was surprised to learn that many of the sauces are called “gravies” in India. I mean, the idea makes sauce, but for me, I always associated the word gravy as a stock and butter sauce to top things with— here in India it seemed that all sauces, whether on top, or underneath, were gravies.

so beautiful.

We started by making loofa + chickpea fritters. I’m hoping to maybe plan to grow loofa soon. I’m not sure where we could do it– perhaps along our driveway fence– but if we can make room for it, it would be such a treat! I sort of wish we had a big tree for the to climb– like how I saw them six months ago in Miami.

In my opinion, every single meal we ate in India was amazing. I think maybe, I could have done without the first two meals, they were good, but didn’t feel super authentic and rich. But all the meals after were amazing. But some of the absolutely best were the home-cooked/cooking lesson ones. I haven’t spent a lot of time cooking since I got back (obviously)– but I have made a few indian dishes, but seeing these photos again really makes me want to step back into the kitchen and make a proper, large indian meal.

hi lisa.

After our lesson we were walked into the dining room where we served ourselves one oft he most amazing meals. I’m still dying over the ceiling work in this room— the fabrics, even the plaid and metal chairs. This space is an absolute dream.

plate 1 of 3 for me.
Alex and I have been watching a lot of videos of farming and cooking in India lately and he said I make a small squeal/groan every time I see them frying bread. It’s true. I die a little inside— I miss all the bread so much.

Oh India, I love you for so many reasons. But your food and your people? They’re a reason to dream to go back… every single day. I love you.

Happy thursday, friends. I hope this sparks a little bit of travel and/or cooking magic in your heart and gut <3

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