She’s five today— can you believe it? Of course you can believe it! But it’s crazy how times flies, isn’t it? She says five will be different— that she’ll be able to do all the things that she couldn’t do as a four year old. Though to be honest, I’m not quite sure how many more things she’ll be allowed to do, we let her do anything within her range really, but that shouldn’t stop her from being excited 😉 Actually, we did promise her more privileges in the kitchen– such as using a real nice (not just her kid chef knife) when cooking with us. But only with us— not alone. She does have a tendency to go into the kitchen to prepare salads (with her teeth) or other things without telling us, but we’ve made it clear— the grownup knives are only ever to use with a grownup 😉  And I’ve suggested that maybe she asks permission when making salads, because we may not be in the mood for one 😉

I’ve slowly seen changes in the past few weeks. She went on a swing for the first time ever. Yes, this sounds crazy since she’s five now, but she’s always hated a swing— even as a baby. But now, this week, for the first time ever, I watched her gleefully pump her legs to fly on a swing!

We have days where she has a bit more sass than before, but for the most part, she is still the sweetest kid around. She recently changed her fashion designer dreams to be a veterinarian. And when asked, “if you could help people, what would you do?” she responds, “I’d tell them to not eat animals” haha. She said she wants to grow up to tell people they shouldn’t fish anymore. Her favorite foods seem to be the same: black beans, rice, tofu, and coleslaw. She still hates cake and rarely finishes dessert. Her favorite vegetables are (raw) carrots and cabbage. She doesn’t want her ears or nose pierced (I’ve asked/suggested). She’s slowly learning to read and can do math pretty well (thank god. I’ll never be ablate help her with math). When I ask her if she wants to skip school and go to disney world, she says, “no mama! I have to learn to read!” I hope she is always this excited to learn. This year she’s looking forward to climbing pyramids, seeing snow for the first time, and getting baby chicks (I have a story to tell you guys about this). I don’t know if any or all of those things will happen, but we’ll see. She still says her boyfriend is Cameron. And her best friend changes almost overtime you ask, but she’ll often say Violet or Audrey.

I couldn’t be more lucky to have this child as my daughter. She truly is a gift. She’s changed my life for the better and I’m certain my life would be nothing like it is today without her— and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this life, raising this tiny, banana loving person.

Happy birthday, kiddo. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

*first five photos by chelsae anne


  1. Aww so sweet, happy birthday M! She is one amazing gal (I love the "they shouldn't eat animals"!) and you deserve so much of the credit. Drea I've always thought you are such awesome mama and I've seen through your posts the love and attention you pour into this little girl – you are a rockstar!!! I hope you all had a fun day celebrating her birthday (cake or no cake)!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. That last photo is absolutely gorgeous. I hope she has a fantastic day, five is the most wonderful age. I clearly remember my littlest boy's fifth birthday (two years ago now) and how he skipped all the way to school. I took a photo of him flying, with just his shadow on the ground (it's here if you want to see and it just summed him up perfectly. We gave him a kite, and after tea we all went to the park to fly it. Oh it was a good day, I'm happy to have been reminded of it. CJ xx