Hi guys! I wanted to share with you this super easy and delicious lemonade recipe. I started making maybe six or seven years ago (see photo here) when I came into an overabundance of starfruit— because it just made sense. Too much fruit? Juice or smoothie it of course! Well, I don’t know how well starfruit would hold up in a smoothie— but as a juice? Mmmm mmm mm.Due to the hurricane that was supposed to hit (that ended up dissipating, yay!), we ended up picking all our ripening babies off the tree to eat. But even if you don’t have a tree in your yard, you can pick up a few juicey fruit at the store when you seem them and try this out! This recipe is also great because it’s jam packed filled with vitamin c and antioxidants– which we all need, no matter what season. This would also be a tastey and fun addition to cocktails.

you’ll need: 
-six-seven well ripened starfruit/carambola
-four lemons
-a juicerhow to:
-with a sharp pairing knife or vegetable peeler, peel your lemons. this doesn’t have to be perfectly done, some skin is okay, but keep in mind, the more skin that is left on, the more bitter the drink.
-place all ingredients, except one starfruit in juicer
-pour juice in pitcher and fill with ice
-thinly slice up remaining starfruit and place in pitcher

tip: sometimes carambolas are a bit on the tart side— sometimes they are a bit sweet depending on the variety. Are are sweet the drink is delicious without any added sugar. But if your carambola are on the sweet side, mix in a bit of honey, stevia, or other sweeter of choice before adding ice.a caution: while starfruit are incredibly healthy for you, there is a bit of a downside— due to the high levels of oxalic acid they can be a bit harsh on the kidneys— primarily for those with preexisting kidney problems. If you don’t have any problems a few glasses wont hurt, but if your kidneys are at their best, drinking loads of this may not be a good idea!

a voila! A nice tropical twist on traditional lemonade! yum yum yum.



  1. Starfuit was my FAVORITE fruit growing up in Florida. I might have to buy some up here in VA to make this lemonade. Yum!